Food addiction can be tackled by mind and body coordination

Posted by AdrianRocker on August 4th, 2015

Just like any other addiction such as drugs, alcohol or cigarettes that have a magnetic effect on addicts, food addiction too has its own allurement. The addiction can be strong enough to compel you to eat even when you are not feeling hungry. Stuffing yourself with food when the body does not need any leads to weight gain. If you fail to identify that you are addicted to food and indulge in emotional eating then you will find it difficult to control your body weight. There are several websites and blogs dedicated to emotional eaters and how they can fight this malady. You will come across practical suggestions and advice which you can implement in your life.

Intake of food releases a chemical substance called dopamine which floods you with intense pleasure. It is similar to the feelings induced by regular drug intake. Emotional eating is therefore linked to feelings of pleasure only and is not triggered by any physical requirement. A problem of food addiction gets manifested in developing a tendency to eat comfort food - food that you enjoy. You tend to eat things like ice-cream, chocolates, cookies, fries, cakes and sweets. All of these are high calorie fatty foods that are unhealthy if taken in excess. Even after having a full meal you tend to look for quick bites.

The feeling can be so intense that it would make you restless until and unless you bite into some goodies. These are signs of food addiction and send strong signals that you should do something about your emotional eating habit. You will be greatly benefitted by websites and blogs written by health experts to fight addiction of food. This is a mental disorder and one of the most effective ways to treat it is to tune your mind in a positive way so that you are capable of curbing the food craving.

If you follow the websites of such experts you will get clues to fight emotional eating from its very root, which is your mind. It helps you to realign your mind and brain to think positively about yourself and your body. There are several helpful tips offered to regular readers. You are advised to eat everything and maintain a normal balanced diet without being conscious of calorie intake. The site assists you to remove all negative thoughts that may lead to food addiction. A positive mind is capable of controlling the food fetish when you feel tempted to indulge yourself.

There are video clips, articles and audio tracks on the topic of curbing emotional eating. Craving for food is associated with mental and psychological functions of your brain. Once you learn what is the cause of your food addiction you are in a state to counter the same. These helpful websites are full of positive comments, feedback and real-life stories from satisfied and happy readers. Their comments act as helpful guide which you can follow. You will benefit more when you register as an active member of this site and gain complete access to all useful information.

You can definitely get over emotional eating with constructive and helpful tips. It is important to be convinced that you can overcome food addiction before you actually embark on a remedial program.

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