What Kind Of Pillow Covers Is Right For You?

Posted by Swayam India on August 5th, 2015

Enhance a decorative pillow to protect the current fabric for more comfort and relaxation. Understand the types and its varied roles that make the excess of pillow covers more worthy. The pillow covers transform the look of the entire room and also add much more support and comfort that adds softness or durability to the headrest.

Consider the type of fill:                                                           

A wide assortment of filling varies from basic down and feathers to hypoallergenic materials. Go and get the headrest of your dreams.

Down pillows:

  • Made up of fluffy filaments of the feathers of geese and ducks that expand and intertwine to form air pockets
  • Position on the best of the options bought of their lofting and insulating ability after a relatively short time
  • One of the most luxurious of all the filling
  • Lightweight, soft and lofty
  • Acts as one of the most effective insulators
  • Breathable and holds up better with the synthetic fills
  • They undergo the rigorous purification process that ensure that it’s hypoallergenic

Memory foam:

  • Best for sleepers to prefer a firmer envelopes or neck or spine issues
  • Dense, sponge that adds to the head or neck
  • Provides support for a better night’s rest

Down/feather mix pillows:

  • They tend to be more economical than all-down headrest
  • Provides firmness and excellent support
  • More the down in the mix, the loftier the headrest

Down alternative:

  • Luxurious loft of down
  • Made up of synthetic or natural fibers
  • Excellent choice

Hypoallergenic pillows:

  • Ensures a sniffle-free night’s sleep and helpful for the people who suffers from allergies, you can rest easy upon

Synthetic fill:

  • Gently supports around the head and neck offering a sniffle free night of sleep
  • Hypoallergenic i.e. ideal for allergy sufferers

Fill power:

Fill power denotes the volume present on a single ounce of down. The Higher the fill power, the better the down. Fill power denotes the measure of warmth and quality of any of the envelopes. One of the most embarks fill contains a lot of feathers or small, damaged down clutters.

Best headrest:

  • Contains 500- 550 premium white down
  • Best in comfort
  • Filled with lofty 500-550 fill power

Better headrest:

  • Supportive, smooth, 200- thread count cotton cover
  • Contains 50% down/50% small feathers

Royal headrest:

  • Most luxurious headrest
  • Filled with large clusters 700-750 fill power
  • Consists of thread count 430 with a perfect windowpane cover
  • Contains 700-750 Hungarian white goose down
  • Additional headrest type and support

Supreme headrest:

  • With the fill power of 600
  • Contains 600-650 white goose down
  • Covers the sateen cover with 300 thread count

Ultimate headrest:

  • Contains 600-650 Hungarian white goose down
  • Fill power of 600
  • Satiny smooth 400 thread count cotton with a damask stripe cover

Body pillow:

  • Supports the backs, arms, legs, stomach and adds excessive comfort

Reading wedge:

  • Provide support
  • Offers gentle, firmness and support for the back, shoulders and neck

Bed rest pillow:

  • Gives the perfect back and arm support for the perfect reading, watching TV, studying in bed

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