Spirit Guardian Launches worldwide for ios

Posted by articlelink01 on August 5th, 2015

For the veteran game studio, the year truly has been fascinating. It is only seven months into 2015! After the worldwide launch of League of Angels, the next titles of 2015 to look forward to are: Fire Raiders and Spirit Guardian. Nothing has stopped the growth of Spirit guardian. A lot of years of knowledge and expertise in designing free games have made this happen. Spirit Guardian is a game that is a complete 3D Action RPG. It has a lot of color and best visuals that have been stylized. Its game play is very deep and entertaining. When you mix this special game design with the approach to put the player first, it will truly be an appealing game for all. It will also be an experience to remember. Not to mention addictive.

A World beyond Imagination

The characters in this game are all different genders and cultures. Its heroes are mythical, and the villains come from everywhere. Spirit Guardian is put together in a fantastic game for mobiles. Every thought how Frankenstein and Thor might beat Monkey King or King Arthur? Well, Spirit Guardian get your thinking caps on. You will soon discover who the real champion is.

The Story So Far…

Dreamland is known to be a shadowy menace. The only hope left seems to be Dreamer. Dreamer is very mysterious. To prevent the Nightmare from destroying the earth, Dreamer needs to go on a journey. This journey will push him to the edge as he slowly discovers the truth. Along the way, Dreamer must get a group of champions to say no to evil. However, the Nightmare is more difficult than what one might think. This only causes corruption to the earth, and people are on evils agenda. Does Dreamer have the capabilities to remove darkness, and replace it with light? The Spirit Guardian is sure to draw players in right from the start. 

Enriched Gameplay for Everyone

The Spirit Guardian includes a real life battle system. It also includes previous systems of other Gatorade’s games. You will have full control of the heroes when they start to fight with the forces of the dark. Your aim is to position the heroes in such a way, that they can escape from deadly attacks and cause little harm. Defeat or victory is up to you. The very different Affinity System gives you more options to plan your battles. You will have more levels and choices for strategy, with the more heroes you have. There are a large amount of heroes to use. The roster is forever growing. You are the one who can create your experience. An in depth character progression system is also included. This gives users RPG's and action games. Users can be sure to discover many exciting games to play. 

If you want an individual campaign, or to have group activities to prove you are good; the Spirit Guardian game is there for all to enjoy. You will not be short of experiences. There are regular updates of content and events. This will cause users to keep returning. 

GTArcade is a well known publisher and developer of free internet games. Its motto is: "sharing simple joy". This is one of the best Spirit Guardian which provides strategic games for internet and mobile devices all over the globe. Click here to visit the experts’ site now and have a go the free games. You will certainly get a social gaming experience you have never had before.

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