Five Things to Consider Before Buying Accent Tables

Posted by studiolx on August 5th, 2015

End tables rarely get the glory, they deserve. Take a typical room arrangement for instance—visual biases often go to bulky couches and accent chairs, leaving these low-key fixtures with nothing but residual glances, if any. Often seen as complementary, utilitarian fixtures, there are ways to highlight them in your room arrangements. Like accent chairs, there are many different styles and designs of accent tables that you can choose from, including typical coffee tables to consoles, and more stand-alone pieces like end tables and lamp tables.

Here are some useful guidelines you can consult when shopping for accent tables:

• Height is an important consideration. A good rule of thumb is to find a unit with a surface area that is equal to or slightly below the height of your sofa arms. A standard sofa will usually give you up to 25 inches to spare, but bring out the measuring tape to make certain of your dimensions. However, if you can't find a table within the ideal height range, always go for a shorter piece that will make it easier for people to set down their glass or pick up some snacks.

• A little extra height won't hurt if you leave a shorter tier just below it, for a layered effect. This is a good excuse to extend the use of step tables beyond displaying decorative items.

• A mismatched look works if you can find pieces that add visual weight and balance them out with lighter pieces that you can use to play around with angles. Lamp tables are great accent pieces to achieve this kind of effect.

• Non-traditional materials add pleasant nuances to your space. Crate furniture, for example, are gaining much popularity because of the interesting look they add to spaces. They are great for those who want to deviate from traditional coffee tables. Some units even offer additional storage beneath them, such as in the case of stylish chest tables.

• Console tables also add an interesting visual to rooms, particularly those with large walls. They come in a wide variety of styles and they can be versatile in function. When it comes to console tables, you have the liberty to violate generic height restrictions, especially since these tables are meant to stand against the sides and corners of a room. Besides, console tables are designed to be naturally taller than other types of accent tables.

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