Great 14 Different Types Of Furniture For Home And Office

Posted by Yoginder Rawat on April 24th, 2021

Your house and working place reflect your personality, thinking, beliefs, culture. In the era of work from home, your house is not just a place where you spend your time working all day, it’s a place of leisure and comfort, and whether it is office or house you’ll need different types of furniture like the sofa, table, chair, bed to work properly with maximum comfort and here we are to help you find stylish and ergonomic varieties on different types of furniture.

Different Types Of Furniture


Most people spend their day sitting on a chair either in the office, restaurant, or living room. So it is important to have the right chair for various needs, occasions, and places.

However, there are many types of chairs available in the market and to know more about other chairs read our blog on different types of chairs and their names.

Living Room Chairs

Out of all the places, it is important to have a cozy and comfortable living room furniture and sitting option, and your buying options are not limited to couches for living areas These chairs come in several types and varieties like an armchair, recliner, accent chair and can also be used as a dining chair. Whatever your preference or style is you can always have an option.

Office Chairs

It’s vital to have a comfortable office chair for every working person, either he/she is a businessman or an office worker. This is the reason that office chairs come in a large number of varieties like executive chairs, ergonomics chairs, mesh chairs, office stools, and many more.

Wood Chairs/Organic Chairs

If you are a lover of a typical traditional look and wooden furniture then wooden chairs or organic chairs are best bought for you. Whether you are looking for organic chairs for your kitchen, office, workspace, dining room, and many other places, wooden chairs are always going to fit your desires.

Gaming Chairs

Gaming Chairs are ideal for passionate and enthusiastic video gamers. Gaming chairs come in multiple options depending upon your needs to get the most comfortable and for the types of video games (PC Games, Playstation, Console Games) you like to play the most. Even some chairs are equipped with features to enhance your gaming experience and style.


A sofa is the most loved and vital furniture in every household and office. They are quite stylish, ergonomic, comfortable and apart from that you can use sofa sets for multitasking either it is office work or to have a little nap after that work.

Sleeper Sofa

The most popular type of sofa nowadays is the sleeper sofa, which comes in 6-7 different varieties and styling options. It’s up to your choice you can use these sofas as bedroom furniture or in your hall, they are going to stand out in every place. The most popular are pull-out sofa bed for its efficiency, convertible sofa for its looks, and futon sofa/bed for the spacious and free area.

Sectional Sofa

A sectional sofa is a multi-piece sofa usually used in large living rooms and it can be set up in multiple configurations. The more sofa pieces the more configurations and arrangements you can create. Due to its increasing popularity, there are many modern furniture design options and materials to choose from.

Camelback Sofa

The camelback sofa is an upholstered sofa with a higher back that rises to a middle point which later descends into the sofa’s arms. This sofa is also recognized as an antique sofa and common antique type of furniture because of its exposed wooden structure, legs, and arms.

Bridgewater Sofa

If you are looking for a traditional yet stylish sofa and comfortable sofa, then considering a Bridgewater style sofa is going to be a piece of stand-out furniture in your place.


Stools are one of the most underrated types of furniture among any other different type of furniture, which can increase your living experience. If you look around you can find stools in every place in various designs, styles, colors, and heights.

Foldable Stools

A foldable stool is an efficient and productive product that offers convenience in every situation no matter which place you are at, apart from that you can find folding chairs in the market if you are a chair type of person rather than stools. Its folding feature makes it travel-friendly and space saving.

3-4 Legged Wooden Stools

Most common and popular type of stool are 3-4 legged wooden stools, these stools are available in many designs ranging from extreme antique looking to super stylish and modern stool. More legs leads to a more stable stool.

Modern Stools

Modern stools or bar stools are basically molded stainless steel stool designs with circular pedestal bases at the bottom. These modern bar stools come in chrome finish and leather upholstery to enhance their looks and they are quite highly popular these days.


A proper desk is the most significant furniture for home and office but there are so many options in desk with having their own different style, color, material and storage capacity. You can find a desk depending on your every basic need.

Executive Desk

The executive desk is the most popular type of desk in the corporate world. Its massive storage space and working area with multiple drawers, these wooden carved executive desks stand out in every office and comes various formations of L-Shaped, U-Shaped and massive desk area options.

Floating Desk

If you have ever seen a sci-fi movie with desks mounted on walls then you know that these floating desks look so amazing and stylish. With mounted on the wall these floating desks are incredibly practical for those who with limited room space.

Writing Desk

Writing desks are a basic necessity nowadays, as they suit every person whether you are a student, office worker or a freelancer. With its minimalistic design and sufficient area its a perfect balance between style and functionality.

Computer Desk

Similar to writing desks these computer desks are also made for both functionality and design but with more space and area for computer hardware like monitor, CPU, printer and UPS. Computer desks provide plenty of space so you can work more efficiently.

TV Stands

This is the 21st century and if it’s your home or office, you’ll need a television and TV Stand for some entertainment and information to keep your mind fresh and updated. It is important to select a general design that works best for you with specific structure and space.

Open Shelf TV Stand

With increasing trend open shelves tv stands are becoming highly popular day by day between those who are looking for a tv stand with minimum obstruction and minimalistic look. Mostly a center system holds both the furniture frames and television mounting bracket, providing a lenient visual element to your area.

Entertainment Center

Entertainment center is a great furniture piece that can really stand off your experience in both the living room and office hall because of its massive presence. With detailed construction and large space for utility, these TV stands are extremely larger than any common television stand.

Floating TV Stand

These TV stands are not the most logical television stand designs but are quite stylish and space conserving, with its wall mounted design it allows for a completely clear floor and satisfying view. While the TV unit can be stood up on the stand or can be mounted on the wall for more utility.


Cabinet is the most common term when it comes to TV stands, cabinets can be found in both modern and antique design and structure made up of high quality wood. The best feature of a tv cabinet is that with its fully enclosure structure, the television screen and other items can be hidden away when they are not in use.


It’s pretty much obvious that every house has 1 or 2 tables at least and when it comes to an office you can find an enormous number of tables in every corner. Every table is unique in its own way and has various styles and functions depending on every person’s needs.

Conference Table

Identical to the dining table, the conference table is an enormous and very large table. The only difference is a little structural and design change of table legs and board with plugs and ports inbuilt for computers and other electronic gadgets.

Computer Table

A computer table is a specifically designed furniture for use with desktops and computers. Generally it has space and ports for electrical chords and keyboard drawers which provides a clean working area and sometimes shelf to hold an UPS or Printer.

Coffee Table

Mostly used in the living room area, the coffee table is furniture that is laid down in the center of the living room, near your couch or sofa. So, you can place drinks and food on it while binging television shows or reading books or you can simply use it for some room decoration.

Dining Table

The dining table is the crucial furniture of a dining room where you share everyday meals with your family and guests. The overall shape and size should be your first consideration while buying a dining table depending on the numbers of family members or if you oftenly have guests at your house.


Everyone knows about bookcases and how vital they are in your daily life, it is good to have one bookcase both in your house and office to organize important documents and of course books. You can find different bookcases with various designs and materials depending upon your specific need.

Cubicle Bookcases

As the name implies itself, a cubicle bookcase is arranged by a number of cube sections to store your books, but nowadays more and more people are getting interested in these square and rectangular cubicle bookcases primarily because of their great storage capacity and minimalistic looks.

Modular Ergonomic Bookcases

Modular bookcases come in a number of pairs so they can interlock with each other to form a single massive bookcase. The best feature of these bookcases is that they are meant to be altered according to your needs and roomspace, you can attach and detach them after purchase for more utility.

Glass Bookcases

You can rarely find glass bookcases anywhere, the simple reason behind that is people are afraid to use them because they are fragile and take a lot of care and space. Design options of glass bookcases are limited to four steel stands for support with 2-3 glass shelves. You can check them out if you are looking for stylish furniture with aesthetic looks.

Corner Bookcases

Corner bookcases are not often used as bookcases but as a piece of furniture for displaying art and fragile items where they will not be disturbed by the touch of peoples. With two full leg stands facing outward and third one inward, the design and placement options are countless.


There are dozens of different types of beds, with each varying in style, design, and different sizes for those designs. In this article, we are going to present a little information about 4 common types of bed designs and if you are looking for a proper detailed guide then check out our article on types of beds.

Folding Beds

These beds usually have a folding or hinged frame, allowing the bed to be rolled in and out smoothly, so the bed can be stored easily in small areas. The plus point of folding beds is that they are lightweight and compact which allows them to store in any room, hall or places where the bed will not be used regularly.

Bunk Beds

Parents with two or more kids always prefer bunk beds as they consume less space and look cool too. It is a great space saving furniture for small house owners and moreover the kids really love them because these beds look adventurous and amazing.

Adjustable Beds

If you love reading books or watching shows on your television or any other electronic gadget without getting uncomfortable, then you should consider buying an adjustable bed where various levels of sitting position are adjusted via an electrical motor to get maximum comfort.

Murphy Beds/Wall Beds

Quite popular these days, Murphy beds or wall beds are wonderful pieces of furniture designed to save space in a unique and stylish way by hinging the frame to a cabinet, so it can be tilted and stored to save space when not in use.


No matter how much stylish or feature loaded bed you buy, it will all be in vain if you don’t put a right mattress on it. Long ago you didn’t have many buying options when it comes to mattresses but now there are so many options for different sleeping habits and disorders.

Memory Foam Mattress

A good memory foam distributes body weight and pressure evenly by molding itself in response to the body. This feature provides relief for the people who feels pain in the morning for laying in one spot for too long and for the people who feel pain in their joints. Apart from this it has a ton of more features to provide you a better sleep.

Spring mattress

As the name suggests itself the spring mattresses use a spring coils system covered by upholstery and padding to provide proper support, comfort, and softness to the sleepers body. The mattress has a bouncier feel and the more coil options you select the more support and comfort you are going to get from these mattresses.

Coir Mattress

Popular in asian countries, the coir mattress uses bamboo and coconut coir fibre as primary material and then mixed with latex from the rubber tree. Every material used in these mattresses are mostly natural which makes them well liked between nature lovers.

Hybrid Mattress

If you are confused in choosing between memory foam and spring coil mattress, then the mattress industry has combined the both into one single premium product. These mattresses use features of both to create a surface that offers maximum body support, comfort and everlasting durability. The only thing you should consider while planning to buy them is that these hybrid mattresses are the most expensive mattresses and if you are in a limited budget you should look out for other options.


Benches provide a place to sit while people are waiting for you in the office, house or just to sit-relax and enjoy outdoor views. With increasing demand according to new needs, the benches are now available in enormous varieties and designs.

Metal Benches/Steel Benches

These pieces of furniture can be found near you in every bus stand, metro station etc. but popularly called as the waiting chair in the office industry is an essential piece of furniture for your office. You can get these metal benches in multiple seater options according to your office space and needs.

Wooden Benches

Wooden benches are the most traditional furniture which is loved by everyone and can be found in many houses. Don’t worry about the design options of wood benches, you can easily order a carpenter to build a wooden bench based upon your design selection, finishing, wood type and budget.

Plastic Storage Benches

Plastic storage benches are one of the best outdoor piece of furniture and there are dozens of plus points about this furniture. It is weather resistant as it doesn’t corrode like iron or softens like wood, it is lightweight and has a storage area to keep cushions and blankets perfectly.

Leather Benches

This premium furniture is more oftenly used in entryways and office rooms. The looks of leather benches brings a sense of luxury with functionality in your environment. These types of furniture can be used in any commercial or traditional space without any hesitation.

Mudroom Lockers

Mudroom lockers are simple yet beautiful and add functionality to your house. It provides more storage options for the buyers and helps organize and protect your items in your house. It is one of a kind furniture which is not costly at all and can be utilised by all the members of the family.

Multi Tier and Column Mudroom Locker

The main categorization of mudroom lockers are always based on columns and tiers. Tiers refer to number rows while column refers to number of locker units. You can opt for multi tier and column mudroom lockers depending on the size of the room and the size of the locker you need.

Floating Mudroom Locker

If you want to conserve more space without covering a whole wall by wooden furniture then floating mudroom lockers are going to be best buy for you. Floating mudroom locker can be attached to a wall, offering a floating shelving with hooks under it to hang different types of clothes and accessories.

Round Mudroom Lockers

This Locker stands freely without the support of any wall and offers four locker or storage sections. Round mudroom lockers take very little space and yet offer great space for hanging clothes, bags on both walls of the locker and even sometimes shoe storage sections.

Mudroom Locker With Doors

Mudroom lockers with doors come both in steel and wood variety although wooden mudroom lockers with doors look more beautiful and stylish. It provides privacy and avoids unwanted exposure of piles of clothes, bags and footwear. Comes in a variety of colours and sizes but if i had to choose one, i’ll go with the option of 4 column mudroom locker in white colour.

Compact Furniture

Living in Small rooms or starting your new business from small offices is a normal standard nowadays and in these small spaces, you can only buy compact furniture. Fortunately, nowadays furniture has upped the level by offering extra storage and functionality without acquiring much space and another benefit is that small furniture costs lower than any other regular size furniture without compromising its utility.

Bean Bags

A bean bag is a synthetic cloth bag typically filled with dried PVC, expanded polypropylene beans and used as a toy in throwing games and as a chair substitute. They are a great and cool additional seating option in your house, especially when you have guests as you can store bean bags away and only bring them whenever you need an extra seating option.

Mini Bars

A mini bar is a small cabinet and absorption refrigerator where you can quickly store your vines and drinks. It is sometimes important for some bachelors and installing a small/mini bar is pretty easy and quick nowadays because there are many prebuilt options you can find online and around the market to choose from.

Side Tables

As the name implies itself, a side table is a furniture that fits beside a sofa, couch, and bed and provides a great space for placing a stylish night lamp or a plant. You can choose from a variety of styling options ranging from local wood to premium glass side tables.

Wall Clock

Wall clocks can be used as great decorative furniture and provide great functionality too, without pinching your pocket you can design your room walls simply by hanging some different clocks on it. Depending on your home style you can buy a metal, wood, vintage or a pendulum clock.

Considerations Before Buying Any Different Types Of Furniture

Apart from what type of furniture you need for your house or office, you should list down some points for better purchasing experience. 

  1. Price: every piece of furniture has a pricing option of low range to premium range and we consider you to always go for mid-range. The low range doesn’t last long while premium is costly based on the brand value.
  2. Material: Two main options that are available in the market are wood and metal but if you are looking for glass and plastic furniture you can get them made custom for you by any skilled carpenter or from a modern workshop.
  3. Shape: It is always important to consider the right shape of furniture you are willing to buy. Always go for the shape that fits around your room corners and area.

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