Benefits of Using Employee Location Tracking Software

Posted by sunainaram on August 6th, 2015

The middle name of any business is profit, and companies look for all kinds of ways to reduce expenses and increase in order to keep their business out of the red. In this highly competitive world, where even a small decision may make or break a company, it is important for businesses to look for new and innovative techniques that boost the productivity of their employees. One such interesting and innovative technique is using GPS employee tracking.

A GPS-enabled Smartphone can be provided to all the employees who work from out of the office. No, this phone is not for them to contact the head office or talk to their friends for hours. A GPS-based tracking application can be downloaded on to the mobile phone. And the application is connected to a dashboard that the manager can check from the office. This application will have a series of features that will allow the field agent to find out his task for the day, update the work status and even check with the manager at office for various updates. The call feature of the mobile phone can also be disabled, so you don’t have to worry about giving your employees any ammunition to waste time.

Now, that we have an idea of how the employee location tracking software works, let’s take a look at the advantages it offers. First and foremost, GPS employee tracking allows you to keep a track of the movement of all your employees. In case there is a call from a particular locality, the manager or administrator need not call up all the employees or check the log book for details. They can simply look at the dashboard to find out the list of employees in and around the destination location. After they have identified the field agent, they can send the work details and address directly to the person.

The field agent receives all the details regarding the call, and can immediately rush to the provided destination. Here, it is a win-win situation for both the employer and employee, thanks to the employee location tracking software. The job gets done quickly for the employer, and the employee is able to attend maximum number of calls. As mostly field agents get incentives based on their performance, they will be able to score more during their appraisal reviews. This advanced technology developed based on GPS is sure a prize winner, no matter how you look at it.

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