Botox: An Effective Non-Surgical Treatment For Square Jaw Reduction

Posted by molanparker on August 6th, 2015

Soft and slim jawline is strongly associated with gentle and graceful appearance while heavy and masculine jawline is considered to be associated with the masculine looks. Slim and contoured jawline is most desirable in women as it increases their femininity. The wider jaw gives a squarer look to the overall appearance of the face. It can act as distortion between the natural angle of chin and neck. Even in some men, large square jaw can be a cause of facial disharmony and asymmetry. The major cause of the wide square jaw can be an enlarged masseter muscle or the mandible.

The causes of square jaw

The major cause of the square jaw is enlargement of mandible which can be developmental or congenital. There are also some of the quite rare disorders which can contribute to the jaw wideness like acromegaly.

Another major cause can be the enlargement of masseter muscle due to congenital causes. Generally, the deformity in masseter is acquired as a result of excessive mouth exercise, some behaviour like excessive chewing, clenching of teeth or bruxism which can cause its enlargement.

Treatment techniques for square jaw reduction

There are many different techniques available for square jaw reduction including surgical and non-surgical but now-a-days non-surgical square jaw reduction is becoming more and more popular. These techniques are applicable when the enlargement of jaw is due to the enlarged masseter muscle. In case of enlarged mandible, surgical techniques are effective.

Botox square jaw reduction treatment

Botox jaw reduction treatment is becoming increasingly popular as a non-surgical treatment for square jaw reduction. This technique is limited to the cases when the enlargement is due to the enlarged masseter muscle. The effectiveness of Botox jaw reduction has been scientifically proven by many different studies. Botox injections have been proved to be highly effective in treating the enlarged masseter muscle which gives a squarer look to the jaw.

Botox jaw reduction treatment involves injection of Botox in the masseter muscles on both sides of the jaw. This slowly weakens the masseter muscles making them smaller over the time and induces muscle atrophy. With the passage of time, the results of the Botox jaw reduction treatment improve gradually giving a more oval and slim jawline. The treatment has no downtime and the patient can immediately resume the normal routine activities. There is subtle and gradual change in the jawline which looks quite natural.

The improvement in the results becomes more obvious in almost 2-3 weeks. The peak results occur in almost 3-9 months and in some patients the results stay for almost a year. There are very few side effects of the Botox jaw reduction treatment like slight bruising and swelling but these are temporary and eliminates in few days. In rare cases, there can be temporary weakening of the mouth muscles which subsides in few weeks. Other than these there are no severe complications if the treatment is done by an expert, professional and experienced cosmetic doctor or practitioner.

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