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Cycling Clothing - Why Wool Cycling Clothing is the Most Durable Available

Posted by daviddon on August 6th, 2015

If cyclists had a wish list of what is required from their clothing it would include a garment that is very durable, wrinkle free, keeps you dry, can be used in various temperatures and yet looks good when you wear it. There is a fabric that provides those qualities and more and can be found on the sheep you pass as you ride, wool cycling clothing.
Wool is durable - whether you are mountain biking, commuting or even on a long bicycle touring journey your cycling clothing takes a beating from the elements. This clothing is easy to machine wash and hang dry. Tests have shown that wool fibers resist tearing and can bend back on themselves over 20,000 times while cotton only lasts for 3,000 times and synthetics are not even close.
Wrinkle free which is when commuting to work or on a long bicycle touring journey with limited resources.
Does your clothing sometimes smell? Wool cycling clothing provides a natural resistance to mildews and molds as it wicks away moisture without holding it. I do not suggest that you wear your cycling clothing without washing it but it is possible and I know on a bicycle tour this can often be an issue.
A great fabric that regulates temperatures - ever notice that in the parking lot prior to a ride everyone is putting on extra layers only to take them off after about 2 miles. Wool is cool in summer and warm in other seasons.
It does this in summers as the wool fibers pull excess heat and wicks moisture away from your skin to keep you cool. In colder seasons the natural insulating quality comes into play as wool continues to wick away moisture but also traps the warm dry air in the fabric near the skin.
Your choice of comfortable clothing makes a huge difference to your enjoyment while riding so take a look a the best available, wool cycling clothing.
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