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Posted by tedmark on August 6th, 2015

The kind of value a Six Sigma employee brings to an organization is immense. One may think that every conceivable process in the world has already been covered under the scope of Six Sigma, but that is hardly the case. Even an established process, when used in an organization, poses its own challenges and Six Sigma could be the only way to make sure that the challenges are met. An employee who has gone through a Six Sigma belt certification is the one who can ensure that the process defects are removed. While there are multiple institutions offering Six Sigma certification, some of them matter more, ISSSP certification being one of them. Six sigma, as most of us know, is a set of methodologies using which defects in processes are eliminated in order to make the process foolproof. Six sigma works using the DMAIC cycle where the project team identifies the defects in a process and goes about the job of eliminating them. The result is an improved process and better productivity. The concept was first used in the manufacturing sector but has moved to all the industries globally. To work on a Six Sigma project, the team members need to be certified. There are five belts in Six Sigma – white belt, yellow belt, green belt, black belt and master black belt. Every project team usually consists of members who have one or the other belt. Depending on the belt one has, they are assigned specific jobs within the project that is usually overseen by a black belt or a master black belt. To get these belts, an individual has to be certified and this is what Six Sigma belt certification is all about. ISSSP certification prepares an individual to work on Six Sigma projects. If an individual is eligible for a certification, they are required to go through an intense training program. Once they go through the program, they are able to learn the concepts of Six Sigma methodologies. They appear for an assessment and on successful completion, are awarded a certificate. They can then use the certificate to work on various Six Sigma projects. Getting the Six Sigma belt certification is not the easiest task in the world. Understanding the methodologies takes time and effort and because most of those who go the training are working professionals, the job becomes doubly difficult for them. However, when one chooses to go through the ISSSP certification, they are given optimum support so that they are able to learn and more importantly, understand where the Six Sigma methodologies come into play in the Six Sigma projects. The Six Sigma belt certification is not a one-time activity. Each certificate is valid for three years and one needs to demonstrate work and continuing education in the field to be eligible for the next ISSSP certification. If you are looking for the best Six Sigma belt certification, choose to go through the ISSSP certification. Your learning during the certification process is going to be immense.

Getting your Six Sigma belt certification can be difficult if you don’t get it from the right people. The ISSSP certification is excellent in terms of value add.

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