Benefits Of Regular Stairlift Maintenance In Broomall And Drexel Hill

Posted by stairliftmedicsmd on April 24th, 2021

Living at home with the years advancing rapidly is the most convenient way to enjoy life. Sadly, most individuals find their body weakening physically with the extra effort required to climb stairs and access all parts of a sprawling or multi-level home. Using a cane or a walker to navigate the stairs increases fall and injury risks, though. Elderly persons and disabled individuals have to remain dependant on others for simple tasks that require climbing up and down the stairs. This problem can be solved perfectly by installing a good quality stairlift manufactured by Acorn or Bruno or other reputed companies.

However, even the superior devices require regular maintenance as they are prone to wear and tear. Contacting an experienced technician to take care of the Acorn stairlift repair in Broomall and Drexel Hill is the best way to ensure mobility without restrictions. How would one know that it is time to contact a professional for repairs, though? This should not be a perplexing problem for the user to quickly determine whether the stairlift requires repairs by reading the following tell-tale signs effectively.

1. Frequent Stops- Many stairlifts struggle to reach the top after it has been in use for several years. It might be a good idea to discuss the problem with a competent technician even if the lift functions perfectly on its way down. This issue may be an indication of the batteries being exhausted or the power declining rapidly. While the solution seems to be simple, it should not be a DIY activity. It is advisable to let a professional change the batteries and examine the charging unit and other related issues, including the power supply. An experienced technician would be sure to fix all problems and keep the stairlift fully functional.

2. Damages- Using a stairlift becomes commonplace with every passing day. That does not mean that one should turn a blind eye and fail to notice anything out of the ordinary, though. Any broken springs or cracks in the machinery or broken parts should be reported immediately with a repair requested ASAP. Continuing to use a damaged device is sure to enhance one’s risks. Leaving the issue unresolved may cause it to malfunction suddenly and result in injuring the user gravely. A professional will be able to inspect the stairlift minutely and make the necessary repairs while replacing the parts that have been damaged totally. The lift begins to function perfectly after that, making the consumer happy indeed.

3. Exposed Wiring- A functional stairlift should look untarnished with nothing looking out of place or damaged. The user would be right in experiencing panic on noting an exposed piece of wiring. Ignoring it is likely to make the lift stall or stop operating altogether. It is always better to have the issues resolved by repairing the faulty parts without exception.

Apart from repairing the damaged parts, regular stairlift maintenance in Broomall and Drexel Hill is essential to increase its life and ensure proper functioning without incurring additional expenses.

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