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Posted by Curix Infotech Pvt. Ltd. on April 25th, 2021

Cryptocurrency is the new-age mantra for financial growth. Today, a wide range of these digital currencies are available in the market, such as Bitcoin and Ether, making it difficult for a user to decide which one to pick. In the recent past, there has been a surge in the value of Bitcoin, silencing all the skeptics and traditionalists about its potential. However, it is still essential to understand all the layers of various cryptocurrencies to make an informed choice.

Carbon footprint

One of the main aspects to consider while choosing a cryptocurrency is its carbon footprint. META 1 Coin is an emerging digital currency that works on a more sustainable system called Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS). This system is based on staking coins and does not use energy-reliant mining systems. On the other hand, Bitcoin is mined using the Proof of Work (PoW) system. This system relies heavily on electricity causing ecological damage. In fact, the PoW system also requires intensive computational work done by networks of systems.

A suite of financial offerings

Trust digital coins that offer a suite of financial services. Most of the cryptocurrencies do not have this set up of varied offerings, but META 1 Coin is a part of a more extensive financial system called METANOMICS. This ecosystem includes META Card, META Investment Bank and META Exchange. Also, all the systems here are based on open-source code, making them more reliable.

Another driving factor to consider META Coin is the fact that only individuals can buy META 1 Coin. It essentially means that there is no large-scale corporate trading on this platform.

Financial asset backing

Another crucial factor to ponder upon is whether financial assets back a cryptocurrency. Many digital currencies do not have an asset backing, and therefore, have an unplanned increasing supply, making them highly volatile and unreliable. Always look out for asset-backed digital currencies like META 1 Coin. It is backed by gold and its smart contracts keep adding the value of newly bought gold assets to the coins in circulation. This makes it more stable and increases its growth value.

The human element

META 1 Coin Trust believes in justice and humanity. This socially conscious enterprise works towards attaining abundance for people. Since it is a private coin operating on a private exchange, it can safeguard people’s right to privacy and civil liberties. In fact, the trust has been a propagator of humanity, and on many occasions, criticized the government’s guidelines and media views as an important stakeholder in the cryptocurrency world. The trust believes in working towards the growth and development of humanity as a whole. Thus, investing in META Coin is not only about furthering your financial growth but also partnering in the fight for social justice.


META 1 Coin is a trusted name in the digital currency world that assures safety, stability and robust financial growth through its smart contracts, subject to market conditions. So be a part of our META Coin platform and watch your finances multiply in the most efficient manner. Contact us for more information.

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