How to make sure that your Bottled Water is Really Safe

Posted by johnpreston on August 9th, 2015

The popularity of bottled water has risen to the top with most people now electing to drink their water from supposedly safe bottled water bought from supermarket shelves or delivered to them by a water company.

Are You Sure it is Safe to Drink?

In reality, not all bottled water that you get from supermarket shelves are really safe to drink. There are many reports exposing the fact that too many bottled water manufacturers are cheating their customers by just filtering water from the tap and sell them as purified, spring water.

If you want to drink really safe water, you can opt for those that underwent the process of distillation. But the downside is: this type of water taste’s flat.

Not many people know about the word ‘leeching.’ It is a process by which microscopic elements of plastic enters into the water molecules, altering the composition of water making it unsafe to drink.

Thus, if you are always drinking your water from plastic containers that are not properly suited for drinking water, you are exposing your body unnecessary health risks.

So, even if your water was purified, distilled or have been processed by reverse osmosis, if it is stored way too long in a plastic bottle, beware.

Safe Plastic Bottles for Drinking Water

Of course, you can always check the bottle itself if it is not liable to leeching. But which plastic bottle manufacturer does that today?

If you want water that is safe to drink, you must be more conspicuous. Thankfully, there are manufacturers today which produce plastic water bottles that do not leech.

These manufacturers also make the safest Backpack cooler that you can take with you on your picnics and outings. You can store water in such coolers for long periods and not worry about the dangers of plastic leeching.

Your Health is Important

Drinking enough amount of water every day is one of the most fundamental rules of good health. Anyone who drinks water very sparely is liable to develop many health problems.

It also prevents pre-mature aging since your skin cells as well as the other cells in your body will always be hydrated.

But drinking ample water is not enough. You must be sure that they are coming from clean sources. If you use cisterns, containers or coolers to store them before drinking, you must be sure that they are safe.

It will defeat your purpose of maintaining good health if your water is filtered and purified, and then you store it inside plastic containers that leech. Aside from facing the dangers of health risks, you are also endangering the environment if after using them; you just throw them away in the trash.

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