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relief the pain

If you are bitten by mosquitoes or if your skin is broken or burned, you can use aloe vera gel. Its unique repair, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects can relieve pain, itching, redness and other symptoms, and promote wound healing. .

One, do import

The method is very simple. After applying any essence that you want to introduce, apply aloe vera gel thickly on your face to introduce it. Aloe vera acts as a slippery agent, just like when you do an ultrasound examination in a hospital. Coupling agent. (Improved the absorption rate of the product during the introduction, so the sensitivity test should be done on the inside of the arm in advance)

Second, night cream

Add a little bit of aloe vera gel to the night cream so that it will be absorbed quickly when applied to the face, and it will feel watery. The repairing effect of aloe vera gel and the sufficient hydrating and moisturizing effect of night cream are the best of both worlds.

Three, repair acne

For mature acne with pustules, you can use clean hands to squeeze the pustules out, and then rub aloe vera gel on the wound, you can use a little more, it is very effective for the quick recovery of the acne.

Material source

Aloe vera has strong vitality and amazing damage repair ability, and its magical effect comes from the various functional ingredients it contains. Aloe vera gel refers to the semi-solid, translucent fleshy material left by peeling off the upper and lower surface of the aloe leaf. Its main active ingredient is aloe polysaccharide; the yellow liquid in the capillary on the inner surface of the leaf bark is anthraquinone Mainly material, with antibacterial and disinfection effects. Aloe vera is a natural antibiotic that can relieve pain and stop bleeding and tighten wounds. It is also a catalyst that can accelerate the healing of injured skin. "Chinese Materia Medica" records its antibacterial, tissue repair and skin protection effects. In order to avoid scars on the wound, pay attention to the following aspects while using aloe vera gel: First, go to the hospital in time to have the wound cleaned, disinfected, sutured or bandaged by a doctor. There are often people who worry that cleaning the wound will take time, bleed more, or wash the wound bigger, or even refuse to clean just because of the pain. In fact, carefully cleaning the wound is the most basic step to avoid scars and promote wound healing. Even minor wounds should be cleaned and disinfected carefully. For example, if the skin is embedded with dust, coal ash and other debris after trauma, it is not cleaned, and the colored particles remain in the skin, which will cause unsightly dust and staining. Disinfection is to prevent infection and is also the key to avoid local scars. Because infection will cause damage to the lower dermis, the epidermis cannot be regenerated, so granulation tissue proliferates to fill the defect, which will inevitably leave scars.

Facial wounds should not be disinfected with iodine, otherwise it will cause pigmentation. Boils, pustules, etc. should be treated scientifically by a doctor as soon as possible. Do not squeeze them with your hands to prevent the inflammation from spreading to the deep. In addition, rinse with plenty of clean and cold water immediately after scalding to reduce high temperature damage to deep tissues.

Don't scratch when the wound is crusted or itchy, and wait patiently for it to fall off after the wound is crusted. Some people often think that the dark hard scab is not good-looking, or because of curiosity, they can't help but force to remove the scab early, and the epidermal cells that are being repaired in this fashion have not fully grown, and it is easy without the protection of the hard scab. Scars and pigmentation are formed. Sometimes, even the newly grown epidermal cells are accidentally removed, which can stimulate local inflammation and hinder wound healing. In addition, when the wound is healed, it will feel itchy. Using methods such as scratching, washing with hot water, and rubbing clothes to stop itching will stimulate local capillary dilation and granulation tissue hyperplasia to form scars.

In terms of diet, irritating foods such as wine, pepper, lamb, raw garlic, ginger, mustard, coffee, etc. will promote the growth of scars; if you eat drugs containing lead and mercury, it will promote pigmentation.

Pay attention to sun protection, especially in midsummer, when the sun is hot enough, and the new skin is tender, it is difficult to resist the ultraviolet radiation in the sun, and it is easy to form pigmentation.

Do not touch the wound with cosmetics, soap, etc. Because various cosmetics inevitably contain heavy metals and photosensitive substances such as lead, mercury, silver, etc., they will stimulate the increased pigmentation of the injured skin.

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