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Posted by loislouise87 on August 10th, 2015

In the process of college students find a part time job in the summer, often can reflect the vulnerable side of student, because they are not out of the campus, no social experience, more just 18 years old.At this time should learn to use legal means to protect themselves, if their legitimate rights and interests are infringed, shall go to the local labor department report, in order to protect their rights.

College students need to be careful "dirty" mediation when looking for a part-time job. In the case of part-time job no income, but expenses are treated by intermediary.All need to deposit or with offical comany appearance but still need to provide the mediation of money are unreliable.Some intermediary do charge a fee, but must be after you find a part-time job.

The best method to find part-time is to consult the school of labor obtains employment service center, or contact the accepting units by school.After all school is regularization, if they have to find their own, also want to find a formal institution and enterprises, or formal intermediary for help.Some informal institutions and companies tend to hire college students do part-time, but the main act just charge the deposit and Labour, receive the deposit itself is illegal, college students need to know the scale of the company when to apply for the unit, attention to the recruiting staff's quality.Meet some abnormality company must leave immediately.

There is a problem that hiring companies pay system. Some of the students were employed by individuals or mobile services company at this time is usually gets paid per month, but employers use an excuse to set off the students when the payment time is coming or find a variety of reasons to deliberately withhold wages.Once reduce wages happened, can complain to the door of the ministry of labor, with labor arbitration to determine both sides of labor relations and the specific treatment.In many cases, a part-time job also needs to sign the agreement, so that can have more security.

Choose a part time job should be related to their own professional or want to engage in a future career, relevant work experience, for the job is of great help in the future.

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