7 social media marketing tips for startups

Posted by online academy on April 25th, 2021

Success stories from startups like Distractify and Airbnb show that a good social media strategy is the cornerstone of a strong start. An effective social media presence can help startups create meaningful and lasting relationships with their customers. Using social media for customer service, recruiting, and receiving feedback can give your business significant benefits.

As a startup company, we know the process and that is why we have decided to share the tips on social media that helped us grow as the company we are today.

Tip # 1: create your social media strategy (before creating profiles)

Before you start choosing the right channels for your social media strategist, you should consider your business goals and objectives and discuss how social media can help you achieve them. Also, you should consider your target audience and what type of company you want to be on social media.

Do you want to take a no-nonsense, hands-on approach to social messaging, or do you prefer a casual, laid-back presence? You need to make sure your social media presence is consistent with your business culture.

This doesn't mean that you can't send a funny tweet every now and then, but you should strive for consistency across your channels. Compare Tinder and Dropbox, both named the Best Startups of 2013 by Forbes Magazine; Each brand has a different purpose and a different target audience: Dropbox took it upon itself to make business collaboration attractive, while Tinder settled on the playful vibe of speed dating.

This difference in purpose is reflected in the social media presence of these companies: while both remain professional with consistent tones, each personalizes their messages for their audience.

Tip # 2: choose the right social media for your business

Facebook may have more than a billion users, but if your potential customers are not a large part of that user base, Facebook is not the right social network for you.

While not all industries have a clear preference for social media channels, there are determining factors that can help you find the right social network: the age group of your audience, the location of your business, and the nature of your services.

For example, if your company offers B2B advice, it helps to search for business leaders on LinkedIn and open accounts on the same social media channels used by the brands you want to help. However, if your business is in the business of marketing, Facebook Ads or Promoted Tweets should be your first choice.

Tip # 3: save money on customer service using networks

In the early days of your business, having an open line of communication with your customers is essential - your ability to respond and incorporate their comments and suggestions about your services or products can transform the reputation of your fledgling company into a great success or a resounding failure.

It's also an inexpensive solution, as your customer service representative can also act as a social media manager, and opening social media profiles doesn't cost a penny.

Using social media for customer service is as easy as making monitoring and listening to a must-have in your daily routine for social media.

Use a social media management tool like Hootsuite to set up search columns for your brand name and track all mentions in real-time. Sentiment analysis tools like “Social Mention” or native analysis tools in Hootsuite can help you isolate negative or neutral mentions of your company and then resolve as many as possible, depending on the urgency of the problem.

Tip # 4: expand your business by hiring new members for the social media team

A startup's online audience isn't limited to prospective clients and investors. If your company is looking for passionate and talented people to join your cause, these people may be among your social media followers.

Whenever you have an opening, be sure to spread the word on your social media channels, especially if you are looking for someone who knows how to handle them.

Use social media like Instagram to highlight company culture and share your company's achievements. Sharing these moments will allow you to easily sell how much fun working at a new company can be.

Tip # 5: Build a community of brand ambassadors online

Behind a successful marketing strategy is a true human connection. Show your social media audience the people behind the product or service you offer: why you like what you do and what has inspired your startup.

This opportunity can be used to search for influencers on social media and turn them into brand ambassadors. These ambassadors provide startups with the exposure they need to become a global brand.

Tip # 6: evaluate your social media strategy regularly

Startups can be overwhelmed by their accelerated pace and growth. Once you've set up your accounts and developed a social media management routine, schedule regular checks for all channels to maintain a consistent presence.

Tools like “SocialBro” and “Grade Your Social” from Hootsuite evaluate your presence on Twitter with a single click; You can receive reports on your interactions, reach, and strength of your profile. If you conclude that your customers are not interacting as much in one of the social channels of your new company, check that the cause is not that you have neglected that channel.

Tip # 7: don't be afraid to experiment

Although it helps to be aware of the strategies that traditionally work, we recommend being creative. After all, the essence of the spirit of startups is to solve problems in an innovative and efficient way.

Think about it: someone who had to come up with the “crazy” idea of ​​replying to a tweet using only GIFs or emojis, or including a Vine video to illustrate a Facebook message like a photo can't.

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