The West Wing (Season 5) DVD Review

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 27th, 2010

Widely considered one of the best drama series on TV, The West Wing appeared in Fall 1999 to great media fanfare. Surrounded by various individual staffers such as Claudia "C.J." Cregg (Allison Janney), Josh Lyman (Bradley Whitford), Sam Seaborn (Rob Lowe), Toby Ziegler (Richard Schiff), Leo McGarry (John Spencer), and Charlie Young (Dule Hill), the president makes his best attempt to govern the executive branch. The West Wing follows the daily exploits of the president and his loyal staffers as they work to keep the White House efficiently humming. But job stress and personal problems put a strain on each staffer's relationship to his colleagues?

The West Wing (Season 5) DVD offers a number of dramatic episodes including the season premiere "7A WF 83429" in which tensions between Walken and Bartlett's staffs continue to flare while the search for Zoey continues. Meanwhile, the death of Shareef triggers a terrorist bombing at a movie theater in Turkey which kills eighty people including members of the US military? Other notable episodes from Season 5 include "Constituency of One" in which Amy Parker participates in a personal lobbying effort that incurs the wrath of Bartlett, and "An Khe" in which Bartlett deploys an elite SEAL team to help rescue the pilots of a downed Navy plane that crashed in North Korean territory?

Below is a list of episodes included on The West Wing (Season 5) DVD:

Episode 89 (7A WF 83429) Air Date: 09-24-2003
Episode 90 (The Dogs of War) Air Date: 10-01-2003
Episode 91 (Jefferson Lives) Air Date: 10-08-2003
Episode 92 (Han) Air Date: 10-22-2003
Episode 93 (Constituency of One) Air Date: 10-29-2003
Episode 94 (Disaster Relief) Air Date: 11-05-2003
Episode 95 (Separation of Powers) Air Date: 11-12-2003
Episode 96 (Shutdown) Air Date: 11-19-2003
Episode 97 (Abu el Banat) Air Date: 12-03-2003
Episode 98 (The Stormy Present) Air Date: 01-07-2004
Episode 99 (The Benign Prerogative) Air Date: 01-14-2004
Episode 100 (Slow News Day) Air Date: 02-04-2004
Episode 101 (The Warfare of Genghis Khan) Air Date: 02-11-2004
Episode 102 (An Khe) Air Date: 02-18-2004
Episode 103 (Full Disclosure) Air Date: 02-25-2004
Episode 104 (Eppur Si Muove) Air Date: 03-03-2004
Episode 105 (The Supremes) Air Date: 03-24-2004
Episode 106 (Access) Air Date: 03-31-2004
Episode 107 (Talking Points) Air Date: 04-21-2004
Episode 108 (No Exit) Air Date: 04-28-2004
Episode 109 (Gaza) Air Date: 05-12-2004
Episode 110 (Memorial Day) Air Date: 05-19-2004

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