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Posted by AxelPrice on August 10th, 2015

Centuries old technique of building construction thatched roofing has now become quite ‘in-thing’ and a favourite among home owners in the UK. Thatching is now a very popular designing style for both domestic and commercial properties. Even though thatching is a part of the traditional heritage of the UK, the steep prices for both putting up a thatched roof as well as maintaining it do not encourage many to take it up. However, there still are ample of thatched roof admirers for specialist to run a prosperous business based on thatching, re-thatching, repairing and maintaining. The moment we think of the quintessential English countryside, images of thatching come knocking, tempting you with its simplistic charm and classy elegance.

If you are planning to get thatched roofing done for your home or workplace, then the first thing you have to consider is its compatibility with the environment there. For instance, thatching doesn’t work so well if it snows. In case of humid or moisture accumulation, regular maintenance will be able to strengthen the roof. High levels of atmospheric humidity and strong wind can also lead to quicker decay of the roof. Usually thatched roofing once done would have lasted for around fifty years, with repairing or re-thatching.

You need to remember that the performance of your thatched roofing will depend on factors like shape, design, pitch and position of the roof. These roofs are water resistant. An ideal slope would be that of fifty degrees so that the water doesn’t get a chance to affect the structure. Also, thatching works as a natural insulator keeping you warm in winters and cool in the summers. Being lightweight, it doesn’t require the support of a very heavy timber. It doesn’t catch fire very easily and even if it does, the roof alone will hold the fire for a long time before it reaches the rest of the structure. Hence if you want to gift yourself a great thatched roof then you have to be careful about the kind of material being used. Therefore, observe if tradesmen are using the right technique and re-thatching the roof whenever required.

On the flip side, you can also hire the services of a master thatcher who is capable, qualified, skilled and experienced in creating thatched roofing. Such companies employ tradesmen who have not just studied about the art of thatching but also worked as apprentices for quite a long duration to prove their mettle. They can offer you impeccable service for services such as new thatching, re-thatching, repairs, patching, netting, surveying, coating and ridging. A good thatching specialist will be a member of trade associations namely National Society of Master Thatchers, English Heritage and the Guild of Master Craftsmen.

You can start by asking them to do an initial survey. If you find them offering you a competitive quote on either thatched roofing or re-thatching, then you can ask them to commence work as it is suitable for you. There’s more – they will also offer you suggestions and expert advice on various aspects of thatching without any cost, even if you are not getting the entire work done by them.

For services like thatched roofing and re-thatching choose the service provider carefully.

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