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Posted by AxelPrice on August 10th, 2015

Good times are ahead for those who would love to render an old world charm to their domestic or commercial property. There are quite a few specialist thatchers who have concentrated their resources only for offering cost effective thatching services to their clients. Yes, thatching or even re-thatching is an expensive venture but once you have got it right you won’t have worry about for decades at a time. Usually, three kinds of materials may be used to build a thatched roof with each having its unique properties – water reed, combed wheat straw and long straw. They also have separate life spans and a distinct aesthetic feel about them. A good thatcher will ensure that your home remains protected from changes in weather as well as insulated against fire and heat, to the best possible extent.  

Types of thatching services offered
From a rural home building technique to a professional service provided by skilled thatchers – this age old English roofing technique has come a long way indeed. You may live anywhere in the UK, there is always a specialist thatcher available to help you out with your new home or renovations. Not everyone has the skills to come up with a perfectly thatched roof. For this you require specialised thatching services. A service provider will usually offer complete surveying without any charges, new build thatching and re-thatching, timber work, repair and maintenance, netting, coating, patching and ridging. With a thatched roof above your head you will require any one or most of the services whether you are planning a new roof or getting your thatched roof repaired.

Value added thatching services
To have a perfectly thatched roof it is important that the materials that you use are of top quality so that you can get a durable roof, without having to worry about its maintenance for a long time. A water reed roof will last for no less than fifty years at a time. Since the cost of this is on the higher side, you can also go for combed wheat straw or long straw. The latter has a lifetime of twenty to twenty five. Of course, all the three categories of roof will require regular maintenance if you want them to last long. While water reed is best suited for newly constructed properties, long straw gives a rustic feel to a home, if you use it during re-thatching.

Will a thatched roof be able to hold up in case a fire breaks out? Yes, it will, with additional thatching services like aluminium barrier foil, thatchbatts and fire retardant spray. Using these, the time frame to evacuate can be elongated to the maximum possible extent. A good service provider should keep their client’s safety and comfort in mind before designing a suitable thatched roof or during re-thatching. You can understand if they are capable of doing so by taking a look at their credentials and their staff training initiatives. They may also give you a detailed survey report on thatching your roof, if you request for it, without any additional charges.

A good service provider will offer both re-thatching and new build thatching services and other related services.

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