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Posted by AxelPrice on August 10th, 2015

Even when you visit the countryside, finding homes with thatched roofs is not easy. Modern building techniques have rendered thatched roofs dated. However, the beauty of a thatched roof is still as striking as it used to be before. There are a few roof thatchers who are able to create superb looking homes with thatched roofs on the top. These master thatchers are not the easiest to locate, but they can be found when you look for them.

There are some excellent benefits that thatched roofs offer and this is the reason the master thatchers are still in demand. Today most of the homes have cement and concrete roofs and while they are stronger, they offer that look of sameness to homes all over the country. This is why, when you come across thatched roofs, you feel as if you have travelled in the past. There are few homes with such roofs and they definitely stand out from the crowd.

Thatched roofs, while they are slightly uncommon as far as homes are concerned, are still highly popular in commercial establishments. Head to a beach and you will find plenty of bars with these roofs. The thatches on the roofs of these establishments offer a tropical look to them and this is something all of us love to see. When you head to one such bar or pub with a thatched roof, you definitely feel that you are holidaying in some tropical paradise. All these bars and pubs ensure that they hire one of the expert roof thatchers so that the look is totally complete.

Apart from rendering looks, thatched roofs also offer one more benefit – the thatches on these roofs are highly insulating and waterproof. So, when the sun is burning hot outside, the inside of a home or a commercial establishment with a thatched roof stays nice and cool. This is what makes them ideal for hot summer days. And when it rains, the thatches prevent the water from seeping in, thus keeping the inside dry. But yes, for all this to happen, the thatches need to be put up master thatchers.

The roof thatchers use a variety of materials for creating thatched roofs. The natural reeds are still in use in these roofs, but synthetic materials are also used by master thatchers these days. Because these people are limited in number, you don’t need to hunt for them. For any particular place, there are a few roofers who specialize in these roofs. You can either find them through word of mouth or by searching the internet.

Connect with roof thatchers if you want to conserve the environment in the form of a thatched roof. All the materials used in thatched roofing are renewable materials. Reeds and palm fronds are available in large quantities and when you use them, you save precious trees. The best master thatchers can be found online and they would be more than happy to offer their quotes. Find out your thatcher so that you can get started now.

The best thatched roofs need master roof thatchers working on them. Once the master thatchers are through creating thatched roofs, these last for years.

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