How to Be the Fastest Runner in Shortcut Run

Posted by Borup Maddox on April 26th, 2021

If you are an avid mobile gamer, chances are, you have heard or even played a game that is created by Voodoo. Voodoo’s most popular titles are Paper.IO, Hair Rush, and more recently, Shortcut Run. Voodoo casual games are easily identified for their fast-paced game style and, most importantly, their signature colors. These Voodoo games are also not just casual, but rather “hyper casual”, because of its extremely easy nature. The interface of hyper casual games should also be incredibly straightforward for any kind of player. Shortcut Run is one of the newest in the long line of Voodoo hyper casual games and we dare say, it is as fun as all its other predecessors, if not more. Shortcut Run is noted for its very easy gameplay. It is so easy that even younger players would quickly rise up in the game. Nevertheless, Shortcut Run is still loaded with secrets and techniques that, when known, can really make or break the game. There are some tricks that we used and found out through experience so we are imparting these tips and tricks to you. • Be Original The game is called Shortcut Run because, despite having regular roads, good players would be able to find their own way. What we recommend though is that you have to strategize and create your own path. Shortcut Run is all about being unique and brave. Your first goal should be gathering floor boards as much as possible. The second thing is, always try to walk straight and do not follow turns. If you are familiar with the concept of a hypotenuse in a triangle, then you would know that going straight instead of taking turns is a much shorter way. The goal in Shortcut Run is not to follow roads, but pave your own road that will propel you forward. • Small but terrible Going up against more than two opponents can really reduce your chances of getting resources and that is just the reality of competition. Nevertheless, we still have some tricks up our sleeves that you can definitely use to succeed against your opponents. As you have probably noticed, there are small islands on the sides that take quite a few floorboards to go to. Even though it could be scary, give it a chance because it will always be worth it especially since the islands have so many floorboards. • Face your fears If you think Shortcut Run is simply about being faster and looking for other ways to finish a course, then you are wrong. Of course, there are also some obstacles in the game to really up the ante. The obstacles in Shortcut Run, at first glance, can be intimidating. However, obstacles are not meant to be ignored, they are meant to be overcome! Always try to go beyond your limits and see how other players do it for you to get over obstacles too. Some obstacles might even help you because there are obstacles that propel players in the air.

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