WoW Shadowlands: Warcraft’s next expansion confirmed

Posted by freemexy on April 26th, 2021

WoW Shadowlands: Warcraft’s next expansion confirmed

It’s that funny time after a big World of Warcraft content update has gone live but before Blizzcon – and internet speculation about the next expansion is rife.To get more news about WoW Gold TBC, you can visit lootwowgold official website.
The WoW community is currently talking about the ‘leak’ of the moment: Shadowlands.
Details of the possible Shadowlands expansion were first posted on 4chan and later discussed by content creator Pyromancer on YouTube. After this, he claimed to Asmongold that he was contacted by a couple of people who had worked at Blizzard confirming the ‘leaked’ assets to be true (including the zone image, below, apparently taken at an internal dev ‘show and tell’ session).
The 4chan post claims that World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will see The Black Empire rise in Azeroth once again, as old god N’Zoth has apparently been redirecting souls to the Shadowlands.
The Shadowlands is of course the realm where the spirits of mortals go when they die. Players will recognise this whenever they die in-game and need to walk around as a ghost in a greyed-out environment to find their body and resurrect.The speculation for the WoW expansion is that there’s apparently a secret war going on in the Shadowlands, between the old gods who are trying to reclaim power, and ‘Death’s Vanguard’, consisting of Elune, Helya and more (whom the player will assist).
The 4chan post claims that the current Lich King – Bolvar Fordragon – takes the player to the Shadowlands, while Sylvanas has been waging war in Helya’s name (instead of the forces of the sleeping city of Ny’alhota) and Bwonsamdi is working for Hakkar the Soulflayer.
Shadowlands as an expansion is said to include two new continents – Dragon Isles and Shadowlands – as well as a new Tinkerer DPS class. This mail-wearing class will apparently include turrets, bombs and ‘Ghosbusters’-style abilities and have healer and tank specs.
It’s also said to include new scaling tech that replaces stat squishing, a ‘Vestiges of Power’ secondary talent system and a champion system where the player reunites with fallen heroes and villains.
Areas will allegedly include the long-discussed Dragon Isles, a group of islands originally intended to be an early raid in the game, featuring void dragons where the players are said to help rebuild the black dragonflight.Then there’s the Alnir Riftlands, where everything is spilling in and out of rifts and the ‘fabric of all realities’ collide, and Xiros, which will apparently be the main city and sanctuary of the next WoW expansion.

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