Maintaining Your Pet Cats Health By Following Some Tips

Posted by KeelyCarey on April 26th, 2021


Apart from dogs, cats are suitable animals to be used as pets at home. Their adorable faces and demeanor make cats the most popular pets. However, when you decide to get a cat you must also commit to taking good care of it and giving it full affection. Check lovecraft cat story, for effective information about cat.

Cat care is very important for maintaining its health too. Here are tips for maintaining the health of a pet cat that you must know:

Comb the fur every day

Daily brushing or combing the cat will reduce the clumps of hair. Now, if these lumpy hairs are not combed, these hairs can be swallowed up by the cat when he licks them. Swallowed hair can irritate the digestive tract and make the cat vomit. So, make sure you take the time to brush the fur every day.

Don't Give Too Much Dry Food


Unlike dogs, cats rely heavily on meat as their daily staple food. When cats are given too much dry food, they consume too many carbohydrates which can be bad for their health. Cats that frequently eat dry food are generally prone to developing type 2 diabetes and obesity. Therefore, make sure the doses of wet food and dry food are balanced.

Make sure the cat is adequately hydrated

Domestic cats do not have the same thirst drive as dogs. They need most of their water from the food they consume. Dry food contains, on average, only five to ten percent water. Therefore, give your cat a wet food that is 70 percent water.

Also make sure the cat has access to clean water at all times and if necessary watch your cat to see if it is drinking more when they eat more dry food. Older and nursing cats are more prone to dehydration than other cats, so pay close attention to symptoms such as sunken eyes, lethargy, and gasping for breath.

Provide Sufficient Number of Litter Boxes


Launching from the daily paw, you actually need to provide one litter box for one cat plus an additional box. So if you have three cats, you have to prepare four boxes. So, make sure the litter box is strategically placed. Usually cats like natural places, so you might consider keeping them outside or near the park.

Train the Cat to Use a Scratch Pole

You must have felt annoyed when the sofa or other objects were scratched by the cat. Now, to avoid this, try teaching cats to use scratch posts, so they won't scratch precious furniture. Try to place it in the middle of the room to attract attention. If he's not that interested, you can put the snacks near the post or sprinkle some catnip. You can gradually move it to another place once the cat is used to using it.

Perform Sterilization

Female cats can feel very uncomfortable when in heat. Sterilizing her can calm her down and prevent her from getting pregnant with other cats too often. In male cats, lust can trigger fights with other cats. Well, this fight carries the risk of transmitting the disease through its bites and claws. Therefore, consider neutering your pet cat.

Give Vaccines and Drugs

Even though domestic cats are not as free as wild cats, these adorable animals are still susceptible to various diseases, for example toxoplasma and worms. Now, to prevent this condition, you should need to vaccinate the cat and give it worm medicine.

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