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Posted by tedmark on August 11th, 2015

When Johnson & Johnson released Risperdal in the market, everyone was thrilled. After all, there are not too many medicines that claim to treat schizophrenia. The problem started when Risperdal was recommended for minors aged between 13 and 17 and among minors between the ages of 10 and 17 for the treatment of bipolar disorder. This gave birth to the Risperdal lawsuit. There are attorneys who took up the cases of many who suffered because of Risperdal and they filed more than one Risperdal class action lawsuit as a result.

You may be wondering what caused a Risperdal class action lawsuit to be filed. The Risperdal lawsuit was filed because the complications that occurred in young men and women. There were girls of prepubescent age who started lactating because they consumed Risperdal. The condition of the boys was even worse. Due to the consumption of Risperdal, some of them developed male breasts, a condition known as gynecomastia.

When research was properly done, it was found that Risperdal causes the rapid production and release of the hormone prolactin and it does this irrespective of the sex of the consumer. Now prolactin is a hormone that causes lactation in women. As a result of this hormone, the lactation started in young girls when it shouldn’t have started. In the young boys, the side effect of Risperdal was that they developed gynecomastia. There are several cases where young boys under mastectomy to get rid of gynecomastia. But they went through a lot of embarrassment, stress and all the pains caused by surgery. Johnson & Johnson paid more than billion to settle these cases.

If you have suffered because of Risperdal, then you should file a Risperdal lawsuit. When you deal with a professional lawyer, they would ask you to join a Risperdal class action lawsuit so that your case is even stronger. A lawsuit in the United States is a complicated affair. If you file a lawsuit because of Risperdal’s side effects, your case may get dismissed as a one-off. But a class action lawsuit brings all the sufferers together and it becomes easier for your attorney to prove your case in the court of law. And this is where you benefit.

You need to find an attorney who has or is planning to file a Risperdal class action lawsuit. This is not a difficult job given you can have all the information on your computer or smartphone. When you have some names of attorneys related to Risperdal lawsuit, just get in touch with them and set up a few appointments. The attorneys will tell you exactly what is going to happen so that you know what to expect and what not to expect. Use your judgment through these meetings so that you can choose the best attorney for your case.

A Risperdal class action lawsuit is a great option for you to right what is wrong. Don’t hurry into filing an individual Risperdal lawsuit because a class action lawsuit may bring in better results.

Before filing a Risperdal lawsuit, you may want to connect with an attorney who is planning to file a Risperdal class action lawsuit or has already filed one.

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