Why a Top Preschool in Mumbai will consider Learning through Playing

Posted by Spring Buds on April 26th, 2021

One may assume that the use of words learning and playing in the same sentences is rare. Even when used, it is usually how the latter can affect the former adversely. Why then would a top preschool in Mumbai go for such a learning method? That’s because learning through playing is possible. Here is a discussion on how a preschool in Juhu should consider learning through playing.

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1. Comfort

Given that children joining preschool will most likely be away from home for the first time, playing is recommended. After all, it makes them feel comfortable even when far from home. Consequently, they easily create a bond with their fellow kids and even the teachers.

2. Excitement

You want your kid who doesn’t understand why they are going to school to like it. The only way of doing so at that point is making the child look forward to going to a preschool in Juhu every morning. Playing, since it is fun, could be enough reason for the excitement.

3. Improves skills

The top preschool in Mumbai will go for learning through plays because it improves several skills. They vary from linguistic to cognitive. Others include aesthetic, imaginative, creative, and motor skills.

4. It can be personalized

One child varies from the other, especially in terms of requirements and interests. Unlike most educational methods, playing can be personalized. The teachers usually start with simple exercises, and once that’s achieved, they proceed to the complex ones.


It is evident that learning through playing is an effective teaching method. It works well with preschool kids. By helping them learn and improve skills, the kids become well-equipped to deal with kindergarten. It also offers comfort and excitement, which auger well with kids. The fact that it can be personalized makes it ideal for all kids as well.

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