What Is Server Room Monitoring And Why It Is Important?

Posted by UbiBot on April 26th, 2021

The server room is filled with machines and other accessories that continuously run and perform computing task for many companies. The cooling system present helps to keep the servers within a specified temperature range. Environmental monitoring equipment helps to actively monitor the condition inside a server room. It monitors the condition of the rack, data centre, server room, and other critical assets. Environmental metrics such as temperature, humidity, power spikes and surges, water leaks, pressure and other metrics. Server room monitoring equipment is needed to check that all the environmental conditions are within the pre-set value. Any undesirable change is monitored and recorded, and the device sends the alert to the user to take an immediate step in case of emergency. These devices also alert you to potential damage from human error, hacking, and prying finger.

The environmental monitoring system consists of a base unit or hub, probes or sensors, network connectivity, and integration. Data measurement is offered by the environmental monitoring devices. It displays the value measured by the attached probes. The measurements are periodically stored and displays as graphs. When the measured value exceeds the threshold value, an alert is issued. 

Importance of Server room monitoring:

Increased reliability and decreased downtime

Many computers in the server room are operating all around the clock and hence heat is developed. In case of excessive heat developed, sensors send an alert to minimize the downtime. Nowadays, business needs to be presented online for their customers. Any increased downtime can cause a loss in their business. Decreasing the downtime also increases the reliability of the system. 

Ensuring efficient airflow 

Placing the temperature sensors in front and back of the rack helps to measure the temperature of the air going in and coming out of the server. The wifi temperature monitor records every fluctuation in the temperature.

Real-time observation 

Sensors located at strategic points in the server room can help provide the data centre managers with a real-time view. They can see what is going inside the server room and come to know how hot, cool, or humid the room is. 

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