7 Signs You Need an Emergency Electrician

Posted by elain martell on April 26th, 2021

Electricity is part and parcel of our lives. But sometimes there are issues with our electricity system. In such cases, one should never try to repair alone. You should always call an emergency electrician for safety purpose. Emergency electrician in Wimbledon is exceptionally well in doing their work keeping your safety as the top priority.

Seven signs you need an emergency electrician


Often there are problems with electricity we face which baffles us and we do not understand what to do. There are some significant signs when you should call an emergency electrician without any delay-

  1. Flickering lights-Flickering lights are common issues. If you often notice flickering or dimming lights when you use multiple outlets, that means your power outlet is taking too much load. But there could be a problem with your wiring as well.


  1. Circuit Breaker often blows- The role of a circuit breaker is to shut off when it finds an overload in the system. The shutting off happens to prevent damaging other electrical components within your accommodation. Whenever the fuse can't handle the plethora of high voltage appliances used simultaneously, it shuts off. But if this happens often, then there must be a problem with your electrical system.


  1. Buzzing or humming sound-If you see that a buzzing or humming sound is coming out of electrical sockets or bulbs or electrical circuit box, then there is a severe problem going on which you shouldn't ignore at all.


  1. Sparking-If you find an abnormal sparking issue whenever you connect an appliance to the outlet, you must not wait any longer and call an emergency electrician immediately.


  1. Light bulbs need changing frequently-If you have to change your bulbs often than they should, then there has to be a problem with the electrical system.


  1. Electric shocks-Are you experiencing mild shocks whenever you touch a specific switch? Then you might want to call an emergency electrician for an inspection.


  1. Suspicious electric bills-Are you getting substantial electrical bills for no apparent reason? Another sight your electrical system needs a check-up.

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