5 amazing health benefits of makhanas

Posted by healthymaster on April 26th, 2021

The traditional diet of Maharashtra often includes makhanas. Makhanas, also known as foxnuts or lotus seeds, come from the fruits of the lotus and have been a popular ingredient in various recipes. They are excellent for health and can be used by everyone, including weight watchers as they are a low-calorie snack. The following are 7 amazing health benefits of makhanas

These delicious and nutritious seeds, which are also called foxnuts or lotus seeds, have been a major ingredient in various recipes since ancient times. Popular for weight watchers, makhanas are tastier than they sound! They're commonly consumed during fasting due to their strong nutritional value. We bring you a list of makhanas' 7 amazing health benefits. You can buy makhanas online from the healthy.

Improves heart health

As a part of a heart healthy diet, makhana is an ideal food with less sodium and more potassium than bananas. It is a good fiber food like psyllium husk, flax seed, etc. Along with this, makhanas are packed with magnesium which acts as an anti-oxidant and helps to keep clots away from the blood vessels thereby reducing the chances of heart attacks.

Strengthen your bones

Strengthen your bones and improve your heart health with the wholesome nutrition of Makhanas. These mini cheese snacks are crafted from a delicious blend of cheddar, feta, mozzarella, and cream cheese. Their creamy-rich texture and mix of fresh herbs are sure to keep you coming back for more.

Promotes weight loss           

Makhanas are a great snack to consume in order to lose excess weight. Makhanas, much like a lot of other nuts, are high in protein and low in carbohydrates. This leads to loss of excess calories from the body and aids greatly in losing weight.

Helps in controlling blood sugar levels

Makhanas are an excellent source of complex carbohydrate, which makes them an ideal food for people trying to lower their blood sugar levels. The glycemic index of makhana is lower than that of several staple foods. Healthy Makhana is naturally low in fat and cholesterol and has high fiber content.

Good for digestion

Nestle Munch Masala Makhana is a delicious makhanas snack with unique pieces of roasted makhana. The pieces are covered with roasted in refined oil and flavored with a special masala that includes spice, salt and sugar. It is a healthy and nutritious food item containing high fibre content. The natural source of protein and rich dietary fiber in makhanas can help improve bowel regularity and are beneficial to people suffering from constipation.

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