Easy to Move Solar Panels Boost Global Energy Production

Posted by patricknancy on August 12th, 2015

Solar energy holds the key for a better future. It is clean and does not cause pollution in any way and hence is the best way to power millions of households and offices.

Solar energy has evolved into one of the prime sources of renewable sources of energy. It helps save the drastic depletion of fossil fuels and helps to balance the natural ecosystem in a better way. Being a free source of energy that is available freely across the world, the possibilities that solar panels provide to homes and businesses are plenty. However, apart from the initial hesitation and resistance that every technology experiences, solar energy has other hurdles to cross before it can become a global source of mass energy. Solar panels have failed to make an impression amidst public because of the bulky and heavy panels. These panels once installed cannot be removed easily and require additional costs. In other words, they do not offer portability so easily.

Portable solar panels hold the key to the energy revolution. Considered to be infant stage, already a good number of useful applications have been charted out with compact solar panels in mind. Smartphone manufacturers around the world are planning to come up with solar panels that will enable on the go charging of smart phones. Sports goods manufactures are gearing up to come up with the solar panel powered tents and campfire puts that will make trekking and camping even more fun and comfortable. A good number of experimental products are already out for sale and have created major impact amidst masses with their energy efficiency. The scope for portable solar energy is highest in developing countries where cheap and reliable power sources are hard to come by.

The biggest benefit of easy to carry solar panels is that they can be used for myriad reasons where electric power is required. For instance, they can be used to power emergency lamps in basements and subways during daytime where any other alternate power source will prove to be extremely costly. Homeowners can install solar panels can in their rooftops and create energy out of thin air and make good use of plain space over their roofs. Businesses have already started offering solar panels for sale that can be employed for commercial and domestic power generation. With solar power, a household can cut down its energy consumption by half or one fourth and contribute towards preserving the natural ecosystem.

Portable solar panels come in handy for those people who are always on the move. They will prove to be largely beneficial to those who cannot find a steady power source all the time. With easy to carry solar panels, one can easily charge hundreds of electronic gadgets and home appliances without having to waste fossil fuels or hydroelectricity.

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