5 Tips to Enhance Customer Experience

Posted by CRMJetty on April 26th, 2021

In today's 24*7 world, the customer portal is taking a table stake. Customers now find it easy to use a self-service portal rather than contacting customer service. And thus, organizations must have a solution. According to Statista's survey, 88% of respondents expect a company or brand to have an online self-service portal.

The use of Salesforce Customer Portal has rapidly increased in recent years. Previously, portals only allowed customers to carry out simple tasks like accessing documents. However, now it allows customers to interact with the customer support process. They can generate tickets, track them, and resolve their queries with the help of knowledge base and documentation.

But for that, it's imperative to build a customer-friendly, self-support center. Here are some fantastic tips to provide customers with better experience.

Direct your Customers to your Portal

It may sound no-brainer, but it is. Unless your customer knows about your support site, it won't be successful. It could be challenging for businesses who are planning to transition customers to a new site.

For this, you can add call-to-action buttons that would send your customers/clients to your new Salesforce client portal. You can also add links to your support center or into the online products.

The easier it would be for them to know about the portal, the better.

Create Relevant Content

Your Salesforce Customer Portal would be helpful only if it could answer your customers' queries and provide them with relevant information.

So, add content such as FAQs, knowledge base with detailed product information, community boards, video with a step-to-step guide, how-to guides, documentation, etc. Ensure that it's relevant and helpful.

To identify the type of content, you should check out community groups and identify what problems customers usually face or discuss about. Based on it, create articles and other self-help content that will address customer queries.

Keep your Knowledge Base Up-to-Date

Adding the content once is not enough. You need to improve it continuously. For this, review the content periodically. Set the expiration dates so that you can revisit them. It's essential for FAQs depending on the change in product and policies.

You can even allow customers to rate your content. It would give you an idea of the need for improvements in the content or whether customers find it useful. If inquiries drop across a few topics, you would know that this content needs a check.

Make it Easy to Navigate and Crawl

Once you've added the content to your Salesforce Client Portal, make it easy for them to find it. Include a search bar and make every article adequately labeled and tagged. So if a customer is looking for an article using a tag or keyword, they can find it quickly.

Also, ensure that your content is crawlable so that it can show up in the Google result. For this, optimize your website, including SEO, and take an expert's help if required.

Include all the working links to the product, add the contact details and about us, etc. This will build trust and improve customer relationships.

Let your Portal Speak your Brand

The purpose of having a portal is to enhance your customer experience with services, which helps with brand building.

Therefore, your portal should have a similar header and footer to your website. The logo, the style, and the format should speak about your brand. It should be consistent, along with the content tone, voice, and format. After all, it's your customers' touchpoint.

Your portal not only helps solve queries but also acts as a marketing and collateral tool.

Hence, having a business style guide is essential. If you don't have one, look out for a public style guide that goes with your brand.

Also, make your Salesforce Customer portal responsive. You may not know, but it could have a significant impact on your business.

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