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Can God be cursed? Can God be non-worshipable? What if one dev (God) curses another dev (God)?. This sounds weird but is true in the context of Lord Brahma the Hindu God.  To begin, let us make clear to the readers that the idea of this write-up is not to hurt the sentiments of devotees belonging to any particular community/religion but to throw light on facts basis evidence from holy scriptures so that the mislead innocent devotees should understand the value of precious human birth and they should follow the Right way of worship thereby, abandoning arbitrary practice. Performing correct devotion which has to be scriptures based helps devotees attain salvation which is the prime motive of the human birth. Disciples should know what difference a human being is supposed to do other than what any living being does? The shreds of evidence provided in this article will clarify to the readers what is the purpose of human birth? Benchmarking Lord Brahma’s information. Certain facts that have never been revealed to the devotees regarding Lord Brahma will be the focus. Let us showcase Lord Brahma’s details.

  • Who is Lord Brahma?
  • Lord Brahma story and history 
  • Myths regarding Lord Brahma
  • Family of Lord Brahma
  • Lord Brahma could not win over vices
  • What do the worshippers of Lord Brahma (Rajogun) attain?
  • Worship of Lord Brahma does not provide salvation
  • What is the age of Lord Brahma?
  • What is the Purpose of Human Birth?
  • Who is the worshipable God?

Who is Lord Brahma?

A brief description of who is Lord Brahma? The followers of the Hindu religion are well aware of who is Trimurti (Triple deity). Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva are the three forms believed to be the supreme divinity in Hinduism.

  • Lord Brahma amongst Hindu Trimurti is the eldest son of the owner of twenty-one brahamands ie. Brahm-Kaal (Jyoti Niranjan) and goddess Durga (Maya/Ashtangi/Prakriti Devi). Other two are his younger brothers Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. Lord Brahma heads one department in three loks (Heaven, Earth, and Nether world) in one brahmand of Kshar Purush which is the Rajogun department. Similarly, his younger brother Lord Vishnu heads the Satogun department and youngest brother Lord Shiva heads the Tamogun department. 

Lord Brahma’s Story and History

Deep study about Lord Brahma’s story and history will be the focus of description. Here we will study:-

  1. What does Lord Brahma mean in Hinduism?
  2. What is the age of Lord Brahma?
  3. What is the power of Lord Brahma?
  4. What are the different names of Lord Brahma?
  5. What is Brahmastra?
  6. What does Lord Brahma hold?
  7. What is Lord Brahma’s Mount?
  8. What did Lord Brahma create first?
  9. How many heads does Lord Brahma have?

What does Lord Brahma Mean in Hinduism?

Hindus consider Lord Brahma to be the creator. They also believe that the holy scriptures ie. pious four Vedas are attributed to Lord Brahma therefore, Hindus call him the father of dharma. The belief that he is well versed in the knowledge of Vedas marks him to be the Gyaneshwar. He resides in ‘Brahmapuri’ where he preaches Vedas’ knowledge to the divinities. He is also known as the ‘Prajapati’. In a nutshell, this is what Lord Brahma means in Hinduism.

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