Tips to Boost Fertility with Electronic Fertility Monitors

Posted by ladycomp on August 13th, 2015

Baby-Comp is an innovative natural family planning computer that is programmed to accurately determine and display when the female body is entering the fertility window. The Baby-Comp fertility monitor is so intelligent that it can determine the optimal time for intercourse by analysing your personal menstrual cycle data and monitoring the changes in your body's temperature—which is a major indicator of the start and peak of the ovulation period.

Why Is It Important to track Ovulation?

Couples who are looking for the best chances of getting pregnant by increasing intercourse frequency close to and during the woman's ovulation period will appreciate the guidance that Baby-Comp offers. Unless you have hormonal issues that may require therapy, it's best to talk about monitoring your natural fertility cycle with your physician. There is a total of 6-7 days within each woman's cycle when she can get pregnant. This is known as the fertility window. Taking advantage of this can boost chances of pregnancy.

Keeping close track of your ovulation can be done either by manually calendaring and figuring out when ovulation occurs (roughly about 14 days before a period is due) or through an ovulation predictor kit like the Baby-Comp. The latter, is a more accurate way to determine optimal times for intercourse. Many couples make the mistake of postponing intercourse until the day of ovulation when it is thought to offer an improved chance of attaining conception. However, pregnancy is more likely to occur within three days before ovulation. By accurately determining when you should engage, you maximize your chances of conceiving.

Baby-Comp is equipped with an advanced conception planning software based on years of research. It includes an extensive database that also accounts for fertility challenges. Lady-Comp also registers if you have any hormonal imbalances or if you fail to ovulate—these are conditions that cause difficulty in conceiving as well as potentially leading to miscarriage.

The computer quickly and intuitively recognizes your fertility pattern by analysing your menstrual data and correlating your basal temperature every morning (ovulation causes a slight but noticeable change in a female's body temperature). Incorporating this into your daily routine will help you determine the optimal timing of intercourse to increase your chances of conception. The computer will show a red light to indicate fertility, and a green light to show your infertile phase. With a 99.3% reliability, polls were taken from customers who were unwillingly childless before Baby-Comp showed 75% success in getting pregnant with its use.

About The Company:

lady-comp UK is the natural family planning store in the UK. Lady-Comp offers the first natural contraception and family planning monitor in the world with the highest effectiveness. It is one of the leading trusted and recommended natural contraception / family planning monitors in Europe.

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