Importance of Regular IT Audits

Posted by Orion Network Solutions on August 13th, 2015

Organizations of all sizes require regular and frequent information systems audit to ensure the soundness, reliability, and security of their operations. Any business that uses information technology is vulnerable to computer attacks, whether they be randomly released or specifically targeted towards the organization. This is the primary reason why audits and information security checks must be implemented.

IT audits help ensure data integrity, confidentiality, and availability. Securing data integrity means protecting information from being accessed and modified by unauthorized individuals. Information that has been tampered with not only loses value but increases the risk of damage for your company. Maliciously altered information can prove very costly in terms of risk and damage control. Protecting data confidentiality is also an essential part of system audits. This ensures safety against disclosure of information to unauthorized individuals, your trade secrets, client databases, personal information, and transaction statements should always be kept private and confidential. Regular IT audits ensure this kind of security so that no private information is revealed without your authority. Finally, securing information availability ensures that only authorized people can access information as needed.

There are three types of IT system audits. These include financial statements audits, compliance evaluation audits, and performance audits. A financial statements audit is carried out in support and security of financial statements. Compliance evaluations ensure that system is a complaint to applicable standards, laws, and policies related to IT, while performance audits ensure the system's value for money. Another major objective of IT audits is to determine any excess, inefficiency, or wastage in the management and use of IT systems. System audits are also carried out so that stakeholders will see that the organization's current IT system serves its purpose well and justifies the value for money invested in it.

Audit findings can then be used to improve on the current system settings or to consider a complete remodeling or replacement of the IT system in place. All in all, IT audits should be considered as a management tool, rather than a fault-finding, punitive tool. It assures that IT systems are reliable, adequately protected, and properly managed, thus ensuring that they are achieving intended goals and benefits.

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