Discover the Interesting Heritage of Cumbria with Lake District Tours

Posted by juanoliv3 on August 13th, 2015

The variety and beauty of landscapes in this area attract millions of visitors each year. Learn more about the impressive views and interesting heritage of Cumbria with Lake District tours.

Lake District tours offer everything a visitor could possibly want from an expedition. First of all, this area is an important historical and cultural heritage, so you could also look at Lake District tours from an educational perspective. If you are the kind of tourist who enjoys long leisure walks, there are spectacular views to witness with Lake District walking tours. On the other side, with the help of a highly qualified guide, your Lake District tours can be valuable history and culture lessons. 

Some people love to visit new locations because of their reputable natural beauty. You can plan having Lake District tours and travel by coach or mini-bus from one place to another. It’s a good idea to make a list of important itinerary targets, but it’s even more exciting to allow your tour guide to take you to less visited areas that have a special significance. Important literary figures, such as Wordsworth or John Ruskin found their peace and homeland in the beautiful region of Cumbria. Nature graciously reveals a wide variety of shapes and colors that are as fascinating in the present as they must have been for Romans and Vikings in the past.

Cumbria’s small towns are very charming and activities revolve around tourism and sheep farming. For those who plan Lake District walking tours the wonderful countryside with its ruined abbeys, slate mines, its famous cottages, castles, quaint squares, and alleyways provide a unique experience. Your long walk around small picturesque towns could include the very popular lake cruise, ferry services, and a trip to the narrow gauge railway.  

Nominated as a World Heritage Site, the National Park must be an important target on your visiting schedule. The valleys and hills, lakes and striking rocky scenery are a delight for those who go on Lake District walking tours to simply admire the diverse and beautiful landscapes of Cumbria. Walking around the lakes, dales, and fells might open your appetite for experiencing the flavor of regional foods and locally brewed beer. You can only say that you came to understand the influences of a place when you experience their local cuisine, so include that in your Lake District walking tour.

There’s a long list of historical houses, Viking and Roman settlements, museums and art galleries to visit, nice stories, myths and legends to discover. Another thing you must discover is the villagers’ warm hospitality. It’s always a great experience to see how other people live their life and make their earnings, especially when it’s so different than yours.    

When you have so much to explore and learn about, you shouldn’t think twice about finding an experienced tour guide. Someone who is highly qualified in this domain and knows the region very well can enhance your cultural trip, and make your expedition very enjoyable.

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