How to Choose A 40-Inch LED TV with High Audio Quality?

Posted by tanjnipache on April 26th, 2021

The sound quality of the 40 inch hd smart tv has an important role to play in engaging the viewer. While the picture quality of smart TVs has shown immense improvements in the past decades, the sound quality, while not showing the same degree of progress, has also improved significantly. Today, most HD Smart TVs are loud, have more than decent bass and can ensure the delivery of understandable and audible dialogues. While most viewers find the sound quality of the 40 inch Smart TV pretty good, those who want to improve the sound quality further should opt for a soundbar or other such dedicated sound systems.

Some sound technologies of repute associated with the 40 inch Smart TV are:
ClearAudio+: This speciality audio field enables superlative sound by first detecting the track that is being played and then matching it to the best possible sound field. This ensures the delivery of a good listening experience. Thus, for every different track played, the sound effect differs making the acoustic experience unique and technically superior.
DTS support: This is a superlative acoustic associated with the 40 inch smart TV. DTS or Digital Theatre Systems is a home theatre format for audio providing surround sound codecs especially for the 5.1 to the 7.1 etc. set-ups. Herein the high-fidelity sound is preserved by utilizing appropriate perpetual techniques associated with data reduction. This innovative audio output technology enhances the acoustics of the 40inch smart TVs that feature it.
DTS Virtual:X support: 40inch Smart TVs that offer support for this audio technology can emit sound with a 3D surround effect when augmented by appropriate external technology. However, the best part of the DTX Virtus:X technology is that it provides an immersive acoustic experience without requiring the presence of speakers placed strategically around the room. The presence of support for this technology makes it worthwhile to buy 40 inch led tv India and invest in either a good soundbar or a home theatre system.
Dolby Digital Plus support: This is an advanced audio compression technology associated with surround sound. It enables viewers to experience the acoustics of Dolby Audio in a variety of devices. The presence of Dolby Audio support is an important factor that influences people to opt for the 40 inch smart TV.
Dolby Atmos compatibility: The presence of this technology allows the 40 inch Smart TV to emit an Atmos bit stream that when channelled into an externally attached soundbar provides for an immersive cinematic experience.

Since Smart TV are quite slim, there is hardly any room for speakers of superlative quality. Some of the speaker outputs associated with the 40 inch Smart TV are 16 watts, 20 watts, 24 watts, 35 watts and even 40 watts in some rare cases.

While the presence of the above sound technologies enhances the audio output for the 40 inch Smart TV, adding a soundbar or a home theatre system can elevate the sound to attain a cinematic dimension. Given the affordability of the 40 inch led tv price, it makes sense to invest in a superlative external sound system supported by the TV. This will enhance the audio as well as the visual output making the 40 inch Smart TV a prized possession.

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