What Technology Enables Cinematic Graphics in A 55 Inch Smart TV?

Posted by tanjnipache on April 26th, 2021

To experience a proper cinematic experience from the comforts of the living room, possessing a good 4k android tv with HDR is mandatory. With over 8 milllion pixels making up the 4K screen, images displayed are superlatively crisp, defined and sharp. However, a cinematic experience is not only about the picture. It is a combination of outstanding pictures quality, vibrant colours, a perfect balance of the bright and the dark and surround sound.
Some features that enable cinematic graphics on the 4K smart TVs are:
4K resolution: Once considered a cutting edge technology, today the presence of 4K has become mainstream. Comprising primarily of 3840x2160 pixels arranged in close density within the 55 inch frame, the picture that is displayed on the screen makes every detail apparent. Thus, pictures are more nuanced with a higher contrast fashion in a 55 inch 4k smart tv. Even when viewed from up close, 4K enables viewers to enjoy great picture clarity. The depth of the picture of a 4K resolution TV makes the viewer feel a part of the scene being displayed. The viewer feels as if he is watching something through the window.
HDR: High Dynamic Range display refers to pictures with greater contrast. This makes the dark areas of the screen darker and the white areas brighter. The contrast between the darkest blacks and the brightest whites is the dynamic range of the image. Consequently, objects in the darker region are more prominently displayed and the extra luminescence of the whites make the images true to life. HDR also imparts extra vibrancy to the colours visible on the screen. They are more realistic, subtle and expressive. Delicate blends are more prominent and shifts in tone seamless. Images, wherein several hues are displayed like the sunrise or the sunsets, appear to have breath-taking clarity with the HDR technology.
Dolby Atmos sound system: It is said that the sounds of a displayed image account for about 50% of its entertainment value. Thus, getting a cinematic experience at home can only become a reality when the sound system matches the superior picture quality of the 4K Smart TV. The Dolby Atmos offers 3D sound space, wherein, the sound emitted appears to come from all sides causing a 360 degree effect. So original is the effect that it puts the viewer within an enfolding scene. This powerful audio technology makes the multi-dimensional sound a reality, wherein the crystal clear rich clarity of sound envelops the viewer to provide for an immersive cinematic experience.

The combination of 4K resolution and HDR make the image appear more dramatic yet nuanced. The transformative effect on the detail and sharpness of the picture make for superlative cinematic graphics.

However, the effect is incomplete without the presence of 3D sound. Hence, the sound technology present in the 4K Smart TV too has an important role to play.

Thus, the 4K Smart TVs offer viewers an immersive cinematic experience, something that is so real that it gives a 3D effect on a 2D screen. These are the superlative qualities that embody the best 4k ultra hd tv.

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