How to Buy Fresh Fish? Important Tips

Posted by joseph george on April 27th, 2021

Well, you certainly know that the freshness of food is essential for a healthy eating. Whether you eat green vegetables, white meat, red meat or any diary product, freshness matters the most. In fact, fresh food also means quality. When it comes to fish, freshness is even more important.

Fish as edibles must be used carefully as their quality starts to deteriorate quite early after being taken out of the water. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you are buying the fresh fish. It applies to all customers: residential as well as commercial.

The most important thing regarding buying the fresh fish is where to actually buy?

Choosing where to buy fish is as important as deciding which fish to buy. Primarily, buyers prefer the fish that has to spend very little time in transportation. Secondly, the fish that has been handled properly in transit should win the priority. The place with a high turnover is definitely the best place to buy fresh fish.

How to decide the freshness of fish?

·       If you want delicious seafood, freshness is the key. There are some signs of fresh fish that everyone should know. Let’s have a look:

·       Look at the eyes, they should be clear. Cloudy eyes are the clear indication of longer harvested time and reflect that it is beginning to get deteriorated.

·       The moist bright red color of Interior gills reflects freshness. Pink or brownish gray gills show that the fish may be manhandled or it’s old. Also, gills should be clean and free of any mucous.

·       There’s shouldn’t be any unpleasant odor. Fresh fish smells moist and sea-fresh, not bad (until you hate fish). Unusually bad odor means old and rotten fish.

·       Shiny, moist and slippery skin indicates freshness. If buying scaled fish, notice that the scales aren’t missing, but firmly attached to the skin.

·       Fillets and steak cuts should appear firm and moist.

·       Fresh fish is characterized by firm, elastic skin that bounces back when touched. If you notice indentation for longer after touching the fish, it is probably old.

·       Dark, red spots on fillets indicate bruises, which is usually caused due to mishandling. Fish exports have to be managed carefully to avoid bruises and let the product reach you fresh.

On the whole, you must try to buy fresh fish to cook delicious dishes. Also, cook fish the same day you buy them. 

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