Redefining Health, health benefits of Whey Proteins

Posted by cameron wieght on August 17th, 2015

If you are looking to get fit, build muscle or lose weight, then you have just stumbled upon the right place. Whey is the most protein rich, highly nutritious thing around in the market.

Whey provides your body with great stimulation of protein synthesis which is responsible for a speedy recovery and builds endurance (in terms of exercise). So you are going to ask why go for Whey?  Well...

•    It’s a fat free, naturally existing protein with no added sugar. The fact that there is 60% whey protein in human breast milk is merit enough to its potency.
•    Boosts muscle growth rapidly.
•    Contains high quality proteins that possess essential acids like Leucine and Cysteine.
•    Leucine boosts muscle growth at a molecular and genetic level. It plays a significant role in protein synthesis resulting in burning a whole lot of calories.
•    As it gets absorbed in the body very quickly, you can see the results on your body in a pretty short period of time.

Still need more reasons?  Ok

PROTEINS are literally called “body builders”. They are the building blocks of the body, modern day lifestyle and diet is not sufficient in providing the body the essential amount of proteins required, that’s where whey comes in, it is an all in one package for any gym enthusiasts, body builders or just people who wish to lose some pounds.

Along with Leucine and Cysteine whey is also rich in BCCA’s (Branched Chain Amino Acids) which drastically improves exercise performance and prevents muscle breakdown during intense exercise.
 It is also instrumental in loosing those extra pounds you have been meaning to shed while simultaneously increasing your muscle mass.

It has various medically approved health benefits as well, from treating cancer and HIV symptoms to providing sufficient protein to those who have protein deficiency.
It will improve your overall immunity of the body to combat external agents that could disrupt the body’s metabolism and prove to be a major hindrance in your regular exercise routines.
Whey protein is the unquestionable king of sports supplements, along with providing a physical boost to the body it is also improves focus and concentration.  

Whey protein supplements come in a powdered form; you can simply mix it in water and gobble it up but some might find it a bit bland, worry not!  Go for a smoothie instead. A whey protein smoothie is everything you ever dreamed of. A blend of taste and health, it is the perfect drink. You can go for a range of flavors: from banana, peanut butter, raspberries to chocolate, there are plenty of flavors to go around, so pick your favorite and dive into the world of healthy tasty bliss.

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