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Posted by matthewdavis9179 on August 17th, 2015

The trend of using window decorative film is becoming increasingly popular among retailers and business owners and it is pretty understandable why. Most of the retail stores and shopping malls have big, beautiful glass windows that provide them a modern, exotic and airy look. But at the same time, the cooling and heating costs more often than not get too high to deal with. In today’s tough economic times and competitive business landscape, retailers and business owners are ready to do every possible thing to make their buildings more energy efficient and greener and for obvious reasons, high quality window films seem to be the most outstanding and cost effective solutions.

Selecting the right decorative window films is extremely important as they are advantageous in more ways than one. Not only do the window films improve the safety, security and blast protection level of existing windows but also minimize the solar heat gain/loss and cut down the harmful UV rays to a great extent. Besides that, retailers have started using the decorative window films for advertising purposes as they are really very effective and inexpensive. You can get your important messages printed on the glass windows and place them strategically to catch the eyeballs of the people passing by your store. 

Apart from retailers and business owners, most of the architects, designers, general contractors, and glass related companies are inclining towards decorative window films to give an exceptionally unique and attractive appearance at unbelievably low prices as compared to etched or hand painted glass. If you are someone who is looking for top quality decorative window films for your retail business, then HDClear is the ideal company that can provide you with the high definition custom printed window film and help youstand-out on the high-street.

A product line of The AmGraph Group, HDClear is a globally recognized company that is specialized in designing, manufacturing and installing custom printed window films. Recently, the company has added three new products; HDFade, HDCling and HDExterior to their printed custom decorative window film to their product lineup. Below given are concise details about the new products of HDClear:

HDFade: Custom Printed Decorative Fades For Any Glass Size 

HDFade is a high quality window film that delivers any fade, color, pattern and gradation and translucency to any shape of flat-glass surface. This finely created optically clear window film promotes graphic environments with full coverage of glass. 

HDCling: Cost Effective Removable Glass Graphics 

HDCling can be printed with color and white inks and hence, it is a brilliant alternative to static cling graphics. It is an effective and economical solution for promotional, seasonal and regional marketing campaigns as it can be used multiple times. HDCling can be installed with water and a shower squeegee. It sticks on glass perfectly and can be taken off easily.

HDExterior: Transforming exterior glass and wall surfaces 

These kinds of custom printed decorative window films are designed to last. The reliability and durability of HDExterior is phenomenal and it can withstand the test of time. The three exterior options, Anti-Graffiti, Wall Wrap and Perforated films provide comprehensive solutions for external window displays.

These three products by HDClear a 10-year warranty and will prove to be a highly effective and economical solution for your advertising and marketing campaign as compared to ordinary graphic films.

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