Inspiring Story Of Lugono Acheampong Overcoming His Fears And Beating Urethral

Posted by Kanchan Madan on April 27th, 2021

65-year-old Lugono Acheampong suffered from urethral structure, a medical condition which involves narrowing of the urethra due to any injury, infection or certain types of urethritis. Urethral stricture disease is one cause of lower urinary tract symptoms. Urethral strictures arise when scar tissue form in the urethra (the tube which includes urine out of the bladder). Usually this happens in men because of the longer urethra, but in rare instances can present in women. The scar tissue results from trauma, surgical procedure at the urinary system, urinary tract infection, or sexually transmitted diseases.

He, therefore, suffered from recurrent UTI that made his life painful and uncomfortable. “I have been undergoing treatments for several years but I was still not cured. Life was becoming tougher as each day passed”, said Lugono. With so many futile medical attempts in his own country Kenya, Lugono now wanted to have his treatment somewhere else. “I and my son searched in the internet for the most suitable treatment at reasonable rates for benefits of urology surgery in India. It was at this time that we came across tour2india4health consultant. My son dropped an enquiry to which we got responded. It was like a ray of desire for me”, said he.

In India, Lugono was taken to best urology hospital by tour2india4health consultant’s patient manager where his treatment was done for benefits of urology surgery in India. “Urologist from tour2india4health consultant had given me a lot of suggestions regarding which hospital or doctor should I go to and what treatment will be the best for me. Benefits of urology surgery in India were fantastic. The surgeon said that I required a surgery, urethroplasty, to which I abided. Everything went well in the hospital. Everyone was very helpful and cooperative”, said he.

Elated with the benefits of urology surgery in India and with the assistance of tour2india4health consultant, Lugono added, “It has been a pleasure to be acquainted with tour2india4health consultant. The team has helped me with all the details of the best urologist in India, hospitals and benefits of urology surgery in India and has planned it accordingly so that I or my family does not face any difficulty in India. The doctor’s appointment was made beforehand and an airport pick up was arranged as well. After I started communicating with them I understood that I have made the right choice and they will not let me down. Thank you, tour2india4health consultant for your dedicated assistance and support. It is because of you that I found the right treatment for my son”.

Happy and cured of his illness Lugono, after his 20 days medical tour in India extended his gratitude to tour2india4health consultant. “Tour2india4health consultant has been by my side at every step of my treatment. They provided a comfortable accommodation for me and my son. They were very understanding and amiable. I loved their hospitality and definitely recommend them to acquaintances in my own country. It is because not only tour2india4health consultant helps you to get the benefits of urology surgery in India but India too is a country that consists of some of the best doctors and hospitals; their patient care facilities are commendable”.

During the appointment, the doctor listened to him patiently and took a detailed medical case history. The patient was asked about his family history and social history. After doing the clinical examination, he was sent for further investigations. After the reports came back, the doctor evaluated them and suggested the accurate treatment. With Lugono’s consent, the medical treatment was started and went on successfully.

Lugono is now recovering well. He was highly satisfied and happy with his treatment. He was also grateful to tour2india4health consultant for making his journey and treatment, an easy process.

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