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Automatic packaging machines are the need of the hour to ensure fast, accurate, hygienic packagingfor almost every product being manufactured and marketed today. So whether you are an FMCG multinationalsetting up operations in India or a local namkeen or biryani shop wanting to expand your market, you'reprobably hunting for a reliable, cost-effective packaging solution.

Whether food product or non-food, packaging offers many advantages. Some of them include:

- increases overall output

- improves quality

- provides retail presence

- enhances shelf life

- builds credibility and brand value

- makes transportation easier

- minimises spillage, contamination & pilferage

- reduces wastage

- reduces labour costs and human errors

- eliminate safety hazards of manual processes


The Indian packaging machinemarket is awash with names and choices. Acclaimed multinational brands and strong Indian companies; dealers and suppliers of foreign brands; brand new machines and second-hand machines. Whether you are looking for packaging machine manufacturers in Mumbai, packaging machine manufacturers in Delhi, or in any other city, the list of packaging machine manufacturers in India is huge.

How does one choose? We recommend you go directly to the manufacturer, and evaluate them based on certain basic criteria.


Nichrome is a leading packaging machine manufacturer in India. In fact, Nichrome offers much more than packaging machines- it provides end-to-end, integrated packaging solutions.

There are several reasons why Nichrome is the preferred packaging machine manufacturer in India. Some of the main ones are:

Quality: Automatic packaging machines involve big investment. So naturally, you need to be confident that your purchase will deliver excellent performance, long service life and sound ROI. Nichrome is synonymous with Quality, with a reputation built over four decades in the business. Nichrome’s materials, manufacturing processes and products all meet the latest, world-class Quality standards and certifications. Best of all, Nichrome stands firmly behind every product it manufactures or distributes, and can be contacted if any problems arise.

Expertise: From a pioneering start in 1977 when it developed India’s first milk pouch packaging machine, Nichrome has continuously augmented its capabilities and offerings.Today, Nichrome boasts four decades of expertise serving different applications in diverse industry verticals, and offers the widest range of solutions. Nichrome’s continuous R&D, problem-solving approach and domain knowledge make them the packaging machine manufacturerof choice in India.

Design: Nichrome is a company with a strong thrust on R&D, and works continuously to improve on their offerings or introduce innovative solutions for specific applications. For instance, with their in depth knowledge of the market and its evolving trends, Nichrome has developed the E-Line Series – specifically for startups and SMEs in the snack industry. Nichrome has also designed a range of filling systems to enhance the versatility of packaging machines. Just change the filler and your powder packaging machine becomes a grain or viscous product packaging machine!

Manufacturing: Nichrome has been a packaging machine manufacturerin Pune for four decades and has built up world-class capabilities and infrastructure for manufacturing. This expertise in manufacturing ensures Nichrome has control over the construction and quality of the products they sell.

Nichrome also markets packaging solutions manufactured by some international companies, especially for Pharmaceutical and Personal Care applications. However, customers have assurance that these ‘foreign’ machines come with the expertise and reliable, local support of Nichrome.

Customer focus: Nichrome is a customer-focussed and solution-driven packaging machine manufacturer who believes in partnering for best business outcomes. Nichrome takes the time and effort to understand customer needs, specific application requirements and limitations such as those of budget, space, manpower, etc. Then, using their decades of expertise and technological know-how, Nichrome customizes the optimal solution.

Service:From timely delivery, installation and commissioning to training your work force and providing efficient post-sales service and genuine spare parts when you need them, Nichrome delivers. Nichrome has a nation-wide network of sales and service that provides reliable and prompt support through the entire life cycle of the machine. Nichrome also assists when you want to upgrade your existing packaging machineor integrate it with pre- or post-primary packaging systems.


An automated packaging machine can be an expensive proposition. So naturally, you need to be sure that you are making the right choice and that your packaging machine manufacturer has what it takes to deliver the best solution.

We suggest you contact Nichrome, discuss your needs and rest assured, Nichrome will guide you to the most appropriate and cost-efficientproduct. Especially well known as a top food packaging machine manufacturer in India with impressive clientele worldwide, Nichrome can also offer equally competent service for non-food packaging solutions.

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