Alfa Chemistry Announces to Supply MOF Materials for the Science Communty

Posted by beauty33 on April 27th, 2021

Many metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) have been reported and the number continues to grow. Earlier this month, Alfa Chemistry announces to offer MOF materials to support research and growing demand for this type of functional materials. Now customers can easily find MOF chemicals, COFs linkers as well as MOF materials on the website, which is uniquely built for the transaction of MOF materials.

Composed of metal ions and coordinating linkers, MOFs have become one of the most important and rapidly growing groups of porous materials. Coordinating linkers impart high porosity to the MOF structures. Via changing the connectivity of the inorganic moiety and the nature of the organic linkers, MOF materials’ pore size and shape can be easily turned from a microporous to a mesoporous scale. That’s why MOF materials are of particular interest in today’s material market.

Based on a vast number of published reports, MOF materials can be traditionally used for drug delivery, luminescence, gas adsorption/storage, separation, catalysis, adsorption of organic molecules, carriers for nanomaterials, magnetism, polymerization, imaging, membranes and a lot more occasions. Apart from the conventional uses listed above, their potential is still growing each year when different studies are carried out. For example, MOFs materials have recently emerged and play a role for electrochemical energy storage and conversion technologies.

Meanwhile, hybrid materials incorporating glass or liquid MOFs with other materials, such as organic polymers, metal particles, or metal ions, could be used as strong adhesives in energy devices or in catalytic reactions.

At Alfa Chemistry, a wide range of MOF materials are readily available, such as ED-MIL-101(Cr) (CAS 1041469-06-0), Fe-MIL-68 (CAS 1251849-13-4), UIO-66-COOH (CAS 1334722-04-1), COF-42 CAS 1314877-67-2), DUT-5 (CAS 1207564-79-1), Bis(N,N'-dimethylpiperazine)tetra[copper(I) iodide] (CAS 1401708-91-5), ACS Material DAAQ-TFP-COF (CAS 1477485-46-3), NbOFFIVE-1-Ni (CAS 1973399-07-3), etc.

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