SWTOR Q&A Summary: KOTFE Nightmare Operations Removed & Class Stats Changed

Posted by gracedashen on August 18th, 2015

Previously, EA Gamescom 2015 had revealed some information about Swtor Outlander for Knights of the Fallen Empire. And now a bunch of Swotr Q&A processes to the lead designer are provided, shedding light on how flashpoints and operation proceed, and revealing more information about fallen empire expansion, which include removing Nightmare Operations, giving all class new skill and stats, etc.As always,Sw-tor-credits provide cheapest swtor credits for you !!Sw-tor-credits.com offers the safe and fast Swtor service, such as Swtor Credits, Swtor Power Leveling and Swtor guide.

Make flashpoints/operations relevant

According to the Q&A, there won't be new operation or flashpoint this year. Instead, effort will be put into making all flashpoints and operations relevant no matter the level. Besides, Bioware have scaled all flashpoints and operations to max level and created solo mode for flashpoint to give player richer experience. With all these improvements, they are paving the road to add future ops/flashpoints.

Improve crafting with big changes

Considering that players are concerning about crafting, and some players are trying to max crafting for Fallen Empire, Bioware will make big changes for crafting and announce it later in a blog post. Besides, all of crafting are restructured to allow low level players to get useable mats from high level nodes and vice versa.

Play existing characters or start a new one

As the game will start at level 60, players wonder how can a new player begins. For clarity, if you are a person who has already been playing the game, you can bring your existing character and play as a veteran of the wars. But if you are a new player, you can create a brand-new Outlander; deciding its gender, appearance, and class to make it become your main character in the game and then enjoy the story with cheap swtor credits. Thus, it can fit returning players, existing fans, and new comers.

New statistics will replace primary stats

The primary stats, such as strength or so, will be removed. Instead, new stats that called "mastery" will represent the main stats for every class. Besides, t all the stats mechanics and stats forms gear will be adjusted. At the same time, all classes are going to receive new skill and stats, which are regarded as more likely ROTHC than SOR. For players who don't know, it means that the changes to disciplines will more in tune to how RotHC did it than SoR. SoR changed everything, while RotHC iterated.

Nightmare operations will never exist anymore

Nightmare operations will be removed forever and only story and hard remained. This change seems has made some players disappointed. There's clearly a wide enough range of skill levels between the casuals and the elites to justify 3 or even 4 levels of difficulty. It's not like everyone is either a story-mode hero or a top-level raider.

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