An FAA drug testing consortium inspecting the drug abuse situations in Aviation

Posted by GeorgeVelvet on August 18th, 2015

Drug and alcohol testing for land and air traffic employees is imperative for their own safety and that of the passengers. FAA drug testing is compulsory for all aviation employees in order for the protection and safety of the people. Employers of airline companies are taking greater initiatives nowadays to keep the skies safe, taking cue from the many incidents that are hazarding lives because of under influence complications. Both FAA and DOT regulations require all associated employees to qualify the test every once in a while, in rotational phases. An FAA drug testing consortium works in compliance and conjunction with the Drug Abatement Division aiming to make the aviation industry completely drug-free.

Same goes for the DOT drug testing consortium that inspects into the work teams of land based transportation companies. The consortiums make on-site inspections by visiting the company bases and performing the tests on every employee individually. The companies are also responsible for guiding the organisations, contractors, service agents and working individuals with the anti-drug and anti-alcohol policies of the government. Several procedures are put to use in order to tune up the effectiveness of the programs.

In certain cases, the companies also mould their own regulations and implement them to carry out the testing for both FAA and DOT. The companies run a fleet for mobile collection from organisations. The mobility makes the consortiums reliable for 24/7 services. Aside that, after-hour services are also available for all companies located within the range.

The consortiums first inform the individuals about the standard drug abatement protocols forged by the government in order to educate them about the requirements. They then give out the specifications of Antidrug and Alcohol Misuse Prevention Program where all the details are laid down.

Air tour operators however need to obtain an LOA (Letter of Authorization) from their respective Flight Standards District. This enables the employers to carry out the test on their employees through approval from the presiding organisation. These requirements are needed to be fulfilled before you can go out and enrol your employees for a testing program.

You also need to involve the Drug Abatement Division, but that can be taken care of by the consortium you have appointed for the work. You also need to register with the Office of Aerospace Medicine in order to document the investigation.

Finding an FAA drug testing consortium is not major feat anymore, thanks to the Internet that has enhanced availability to anywhere anytime. You may find multiple options locally. Contact them through the medium of the Web and enquire about all the necessary formalities and their remunerations for the concerned number of employees. Talk to a couple of consortiums or more to compare prices and appoint the one that suits your specifics best.

Looking for an FAA drug testing consortium that can introduce you to a good drug control program? We are an FAA and DOT drug testing consortium offering testing services over a wide coverage area.

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