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Posted by Digital_Zone on April 27th, 2021

With the latest English applications and websites developed today in the Internet, almost anyone would claim that the English language has become an easier subject for many who wish to learn this language. However, most individuals are fast becoming too determined by these programs.

Essays, written assignments, even public documents which are supposed to be unique and original are taken from the Internet and this is not a very good strategy, most especially to those who find themselves not very good with the English language. Let's say a power failure hit your property and you have to do an essay for the school work and given that the PC is off, how can you do it? Then at this very moment, you will need to use the one thing that most of us may have previously forgotten: the dictionary.

Yes, the dictionary. How many of us have remembered throughout the olden days, when computers didn't exist yet that individuals always rely on the dictionary to greatly help us when coping with the English language. Unfortunately, this book is now taken for granted because of the existence of English checkers and other programs that handle English grammar. But it's often advisable to use the dictionary to boost your expertise with the English vocabulary.

For you to boost your word power, it is a great practice to produce a list of all English words that you have encountered which may seem too difficult for you to understand. Once this is performed, you can then consult the dictionary and then jot down what they mean. You may also practice using those words by writing them down into sentences to help boost your writing skills. If you want, you can have someone accompany you in this exercise and both of you are able to compare your answers. Don't underestimate the English and Bangla Dictionary for it's guided nearly all generations in regards to learning perfect English.

So if I were you, you may want to take a look at your old dictionary in order to boost your English grammar. Besides, it might help you save from boredom when you don't have anything to do.

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