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The passion for cricket in India is remarkable. For millions of Indians, irrespective of their age or economic background, cricket is religion. They cannot even dream of disconnecting themselves from the world of cricket even for a few hours especially when an exciting match is going on with their favourite team or when their favourite players are on the ground. With lots of tournaments on the schedule all through the years, it’s tough for cricket enthusiasts to stay away from this exciting sport. The news portals online have added more momentum to that excitement with all their cricket news today including insider news, what the top players are doing, how the teams are strategizing, how are the performances of top batsmen and bowlers of the teams, and tons of other news.

Stay updated with the latest cricket news

In 1983, India won the World Cup of cricket. That was a glorious moment of cricket for India. When that happened few could listen to live commentary on the radio and that was the only way to know India won the World Cup. The detailed news started coming the next day onwards in the newspapers. It was a long wait for the cricket enthusiasts since getting news from a newspaper has multiple restrictions. Today, the scenario is completely different. We get all kinds of news just in a few clicks or tap. All you need are a smartphone or laptop that is a part and parcel of your life now, an internet connection, and knowledge of the best portals for cricket news today. If you are equally interested in other kinds of news, like political news, entertainment news, or business news, modern-day news portals are the best for you.

Customized cricket news for cricket enthusiasts

Whether you want every ball detail or hourly report or the final score with a complete match preview, everything is available online today. Accessing the right news portal online you can get live scores and detailed schedules of all matches of IPL or forthcoming test and one-day series. Life becomes easy as a cricket enthusiast. As an added advantage open achieve for all previous news if you want some specific news or data on a match that has been played months ago. Getting cricket news todaywas never so easy and convenient even a few years ago. The best news portals have plenty of tools for you to spot the precise news you need.

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