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Posted by YellowOrangeLabs on April 28th, 2021

In this era of technology, customers access information right at their fingertips. Consumer behaviour is continuously evolving. As a result, businesses need to direct their strategies towards customer-oriented tools and techniques. Millions of people around the world use different kinds of mobile applications to perform various business tasks or to browse the internet.

According to a recent study, global mobile app downloads have reached 218 billion. In the present-day world, the apple app store has around 2 million applications that are available for download. Statistics and data show that the android play store has close to 2.5 million apps to choose from. So, what do you think all these people are doing? Why are they installing so many apps? Well, this generation people use mobiles phones even more than computers. They spend as much as 5.5 to 6 hours on smartphones in a day. The first thing people do in the morning is to scroll through all the apps and check for notifications. Before starting their day, they would like to go through various social media platforms and get all the updates.

I am sure you too must be having your business app, don't you? Well, if you are yet to invest in a mobile app for your business, better do it right away. Otherwise, you will miss out on some significant potential business.

A mobile app is a must have if you wish to continue providing unparalleled services to your existing users and your prospective customers across all platforms. A dedicated business app will improve the user experience and help in building the credibility of your brand.

Listed below are some strong reasons why you should invest in a mobile application today:

  • Direct and personalised marketing: More than 70% of today's consumers expect personalised interaction and experiences with the brands they use. With a dedicated business app for your brand, you have a tremendous opportunity to offer personalised user experience and build a deeper relationship with your customers. By leveraging your user profile information, you can interact with your customers in real-time.
  • Increased engagement: With their unique features, mobile apps are more engaging than web. A well-built mobile app can prompt regular visitors to be your potential customers, acting like a small reminder that can pull your customers back to your business.

Your app offers to be a more convenient and a better way for your customers to shop, interact and browse through your brand. The more your customers engage and interact with your brand, the more likely are they to shop from your brand.

  • Improve brand awareness: Mobile apps can do wonders in terms of creating brand awareness and promotion of your brand. A well-developed and a user-friendly mobile app provides an environment that promotes regular interaction with the target audience. This regular interaction can further promote trust and loyalty for your brand. While creating your app, make sure to consider and include features that your customers will love.
  • Foster brand loyalty: can reward your loyal customers with loyalty programs, which can be easily incorporated into your mobile app. It will be best if you can provide a certain level of value which they cannot get in any other brand. By taking care of personal preferences of your customers and rewarding them accordingly, you can encourage customers to come back to your brand again and again.
  • Help capture consumer insights: A mobile app with unique built-in features can give companies valuable insights about their customers. You can understand your customer's preferences and behaviours with customer data. By analysing and leveraging this data, you can align your marketing strategies. This data can also help you understand the user intension, the popular features of your app etc. With these insights, you can use data-driven marketing strategies to offer a highly personalised and a seamless user experience.


The entire world has gone mobile and there is no looking back. It is evident that irrespective of the industry vertical, mobile apps are extremely essential to drive new customers and retain your earlier ones. The greatest advantage of investing in a mobile app lies in the fact that you can improve customer engagement, increase sales, increase customer experience, improve brand awareness and lot more.

To create a perfect mobile app that meets your requirements in terms of providing amazing user experience, and at the same time, incorporating the services and features well is a tough job. Reach out to us today if you have any requirement. With our dedicated team of developers, we are one of the best mobile app development company in Bangalore.

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