How to find Hashtags and use it the right way

Posted by YellowOrangeLabs on April 28th, 2021

What are hashtags

We all use social media platforms as a part of our marketing strategy to boost social media engagement, increase brand awareness, and much more to ultimately gain customers.

If you are on social media, you must have definitely seen hashtags. They seem to be quite simple things but are particularly important for finding things on social media.

The social media marketing agencies have mastered the skills of using hashtags in terms of creating new, unique ones and using them to promote the business.

Are they really important?

Hashtags have the power to either make or break your marketing strategy. When you use them correctly, you will get your posts and updates seen by people who are interested in your products/services or brand. But using the wrong and irrelevant hashtags can annoy your potential customers.

In fact, with the right hashtags, you can amplify your brand and direct the content to the people who are interested in seeing it. That way, you can easily expand your influence beyond your current audience. This will help you to drastically increase engagement.

How to find the right hashtags

It is extremely important to choose the right hashtags because otherwise you cannot connect to the right audience and your business will not be found. Listed below are simple ways to choose the right hashtags:

  • Using Social Media Tools: Finding the best hashtag within your content is top priority. Most social media platforms provide tools that shows the currently trending hashtags. Finding the right hashtag is not a guessing game, instead use social media tools to gauge your audience interest in hashtags. These tools can provide other details also like how many people are using that hashtag per hour, how many posts using that hashtag every hour etc.
  • Knowing your hashtag: Just because a hashtag is trending well, it does not mean that the same hashtag will work for you. All popular hashtags might not be helpful for your business. So, it is always better to do some research before deciding on the hashtags to ensure they fit into the type of engagement you want.
  • Create you own unique hashtag: Put little effort and try to create your own unique hashtag. Pick a tagline that is catchy, different and resonates with your audience.
  • Create a clear hashtag: Apart from being unique, it is important that your hashtag gives a clear message and understanding of the event or campaign that you intend to use it in. It should not be ambiguous or vague. The point is to make sure that your audience understands your hashtag without any confusion or doubt whatsoever.
  • Keep the hashtag short and simple: It is advisable to keep your hashtags straightforward and simple. Because the simpler it is, the easier it is for the audience to understand. Also, it is easier for others to use because long hashtags are difficult to read. It is better to consider different hashtags for different campaigns, so that it becomes easy for the audience to understand. People tend to skip the ones that are difficult to understand and are unclear.
  • Use relevant hashtags: If your hashtag is not conveying the information relevant to your brand or your service, then it simply does not serve the purpose.
  • Promote your hashtags: The primary reason for using hashtags is to create your niche audience and grow your existing one. So, in order to get the desired traffic, you need to promote it well. Use it in your product launch, ad videos, and social media posts.

Wrapping up

Hashtags play a vital role in marketing your products/services and improving your brand awareness. When used the right way, it is a powerful tool that can enable you to boost your market reach. Just remember that every hashtag that you use should fit in well with the content of the post or the campaign and must not be repetitive.

Let us know how you have used hashtags in your marketing campaigns!!!

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