How to make golf carts work faster

Posted by SEOTech on April 28th, 2021

Golf carts have been there for more than 60 years and engineers have made so many advancements in this vehicle. If you’re an enthusiastic golfer and want to know how you can make it even better, this article will help you to understand. 

Golf carts are not anymore here to play golf, people are using them for a long distance at a faster speed. To increase the speed of your Golf carts parkland, here are some tricks for you.

1. Restore and increase the size of your tires 

If you don’t want to make any special effort, this hack is made for you. Just expand the size of yourgolf carts and maintain them nicely. If you keep the tires in better shape, the diameter will expand and it will work much faster. Like electric and gas golf carts, the larger and thicker tires have better grip so it is safe as well. 

2. New Batteries 

You need to check the voltage of your golf cart’s battery you have been using. This information is generally written on the manual of the golf carts or the motor itself. 

Engineers made some golf carts to work with an array of diverse batteries. If you install a new battery, it will enhance the output of the motor, hence increased speed. You should buy new high-voltage batteries of golf carts on sale to increase the speed of the vehicle if it is old. 

3. New Engine 

If you think that the batteries of your Golf carts parkland are working well, it is the engine that needs your focus. You can easily find and install a good working engine at any local golf cart professional.

However, this option is not for the people who don’t want to invest much in their carts. 

4. Lift the golf carts

To increase the speed of golf carts, golfers often choose the lifted golf carts option. They usually use a block or lift kit to install even larger tires. This is again an expensive option so, if you’re on a budget just make sure to keep the size of your tires inflated. This will help you to increase the speed and keep it for a long time. 


While making modifications to your golf carts, don’t forget to keep future use in mind. Don’t do anything that confines how you can use your golf cart. 

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