Instagram Marketing for Healthcare Professionals

Posted by YellowOrangeLabs on April 28th, 2021

It is being proven that marketing teams irrespective of any industry vertical, considers social media for almost all the marketing activities, be it building brand awareness or gaining new customers. Now when deciding which platform to turn to for the marketing efforts, it all breaks down to figuring out where the target audience spends their time for their daily dose of social media.

Coming to healthcare professionals, doctors, surgeons, and medical practitioners, it has been observed that the potential patients are active users of Instagram and would love to connect with speciality doctors. So all treatment providers need to shift their focus to Instagram.

One of the best approaches to organically engage with potential patients and start building a like and trust relationship with them is Instagram marketing. With close to one billion user accounts, Instagram has skyrocketed to eminence over the past few years, and it is the most happening place for social media engagement.

As a healthcare provider, you will be on a constant lookout for new patients. Whether it is a small clinic, or a nursing home or a large multi-specialty hospital, you will be always be on the lookout for expanding your practise.

Here is what the entire team of medical fraternity need to consider in order to maximize their marketing efforts through Instagram campaign.

  • Having an Instagram business account and not a personal account: The business account allows you to use a set of really amazing tools to help you grow your reach and have insights on a deeper sense. You can see details on post impressions, views, post reach, post clicks and lot more. You can also be benefitted by viewing breakdown of your followers according to gender, age, and location.
  • Using the right hashtag: Hashtags are one of the crucial elements of Instagram business. They are used by people to reach you, find new content and engage with the things and areas they are interested in. Work on to find the right blend of hashtags based on popularity, band, industry so that you can sustain local engagement and loyalty.
  • Consistency in posting quality content: In order to engage with the relevant people and gain followers, you need to be consistent in posting. At the same time, the content needs to be of high quality. Fresh, captivating, and informative contents with appealing visuals with definitely help you in gaining quality followers and drive relevant engagement.
  • Engage with your patients: It is always good to return favours. You need to appreciate the love and engagement shown by people who connects with your posts. Social media is a selfish business and when you like, comment, and engage with the like-minded people, they ought to follow you back. Since Instagram's algorithm factors is more engagement, you can significantly increase your brand exposure.
  • Run Promotions: Promotions are a great way to grow your network and find new people. Have solid promotion plans that gives value to potential clients. When done in a planned and strategic way, this will draw in a large amount of interest and eyeball.
  • Showcasing success stories: People tend to look out for the doctor's expertise and experiences, before trying out themselves. They really do not care about the stories written in the webpages, rather they would like to hear out the stories of happy and satisfied patients. This is a great way to create an emotional bond with the audience and build the trust factor. Just keep in mind to watermark your images to avoid risks of them being stolen.

Key takeaways

With the above tips, Instagram can be a powerful tool to connect with the prospective client base, increase traffic to your website, promote social media engagement and successfully showcasing your brand message.

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