SEO Practices Every New Website Should Follow

Posted by YellowOrangeLabs on April 28th, 2021

It is a fact that if you are unable to rank in Google's top 20 results for the targeted keywords, you are literally invisible on Google. It is a proven fact that 85% of the searchers never look beyond the first page of Google's search results. Evidently, it becomes an extremely important task for the digital marketing agencies to rank their clients in the first page of Google.

Even though you follow various SEO techniques and strategies for improving your site's visibility in search results, you need to keep the basic SEO practices right, to be successful in getting ranked well.

Listed below are the 6 most important SEO practices that are going to dominate Google in 2021:

  • Optimized content: The purpose behind every search query is the reason of the search itself. Google and the other search engines prioritize and ranks the pages which understands and satisfies the search well.

In other words, you need to align your content quite well with the search intent or the intention with which the user is searching. A user can search with various intents like informational, commercial, or transactional. So, the best way is to keep the intent in mind while creating content. And then of course add all the relevant keywords to the content.

  • Work on for the best Title Tag and Meta Description: Title tags are important as they give a quick idea of the content of the result and the relevance to the query. The tile should be written in a way so that it matches the search intent, and the target keywords are also included.

The meta description in general is a brief summary of a web page. Be careful to write a concise, short, and relevant summary of the page. This unique and accurate description should be optimized by including the target keywords and content that matches the search intent.

  • Optimized Images: Images play a vital role in providing an amazing user experience of a web page. While we work a lot in selecting the right and the most relevant image for the blogs,services/products, and other important pages of the site, we also need to pay equal attention in optimizing the images.

While there are various ways to optimize the images, the most important ones remain by choosing the best file format, compressing the images, adding alt text to the images and the lazy-loading the images.

The most important factor in optimizing images is the site speed and in order to improve the overall performance of the site, the best file format needs to be picked for all the images. It is imperative to compress the images before uploading them on the site, because the large-sized image files take longer to load. By providing alt text for all the images, browsers can understand the images better and this improves accessibility. Finally, by lazy-loading the images and the videos, we can significantly improve on the loading time, because this technique defers the loading of images and videos during the page load time, instead they are loaded when the users need them.

  • Optimized Page Speed : Having a long loading time of your site might leave the users frustrated and this will impact the overall rankings. So, it is extremely important to check on the page speed and work on ways to improve it.
  • Including the targeted keywords in the URL: Another vital aspect of SEO is how the URL is structured. A good URL structure provides visibility and gives a clear idea of the destination page to both users and the search engines.

The URL structure can be improved by using short and keyword-rich URLs.

  • Efforts on getting quality backlinks: The search engine algorithms consider backlinks to be a key factor in ranking. With a higher number of backlinks, you have a higher chance of rank in the search results. But having said that, not all backlinks will contribute to the ranking. While some can increase you rank exponentially, others may derail the rankings. So, it is extremely essential to put efforts in building high-quality backlinks for the target keywords.

Outlook : The above outlined SEO practices will be a great starting point to rank higher in search engines. Regardless of any industry, the competition to rank in Google's first page is always intense.

Once these best practices are in place and the groundwork had been laid, more effort can be put on diving deeper into keyword research and strategic link building.

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